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I had an epic fail a while back and it bothered me all day.

Here’s what happened…

I was doing my “Home-Gym Reveal” on FB LIVE, we actually had a record amount of people on the Live and just as the garage door was opening to reveal the gym, my FB LIVE cut out and died.


I was so frustrated!!!!

My home-gym is a sanctuary for me. It’s where I do many of my early-morning workouts and get amped-up. I listen to podcasts there. I listen to music. I have no distractions. And I get after it!

And I apparently have very poor cell-service in there also. 🙁

I’ve been working on my home-gym for weeks to upgrade it. New equipment. New paint. New flooring. Upgraded energy.

And I wanted to share it with you. And then my FB LIVE died because of poor connection by my cell-phone service.

All day I stewed on how I could make a “loss” a win. And I came up with an idea and solution. And I filmed it ALL again…this time I made sure to record it.

Here is what I filmed below:

  1. My home gym reveal.
  2. I answered a bunch of your questions that came through what turned out to be about a 10-minute FB LIVE. Now I believe it’s a total WIN.

Take a look at my home gym now…

There was no way I was going to let the 150 people down who decided to show up LIVE.

There was no way I was going to let the thousands of people who “watched” the FB LIVE after-the-fact down either. They were probably wondering what happened.

You hear me talk about “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.” I had to get my MIND RIGHT. And I hope this video satisfies you and that you glean some value out of the recording.

My friends, it’s easy to “Get Your MIND RIGHT” when things are going well and smooth. And when you are winning. But what if things don’t go well, or you face some adversity, or you “lose.”

What if you have a colossal collapse?

Or you receive bad news professionally or personally?
Or you have to fire an employee? Or they quit?
Or revenues are down for the month?
Or your experiencing family or personal issues that are affecting all areas of your life?
Or a game in which you are competing isn’t going the way you expected?

… Or you have technological issue disrupts your FB LIVE? Man, it doesn’t seem too big in the “big picture” now does it?

Do you throw your hands up in the air and give up? Heck NO. You find a way to get over it and find a WIN.

I had to constantly snap my band and tell myself to “GET MY MIND RIGHT.” See, it happens to me also. Not everything always goes smooth.

Here are the mantras I kept using to battle the frustration I felt. My self-talk all-day was…

“Get over it…chalk it up as a loss AND now make it a WIN.”
“There are people with much bigger problems than this. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.”
“We aren’t exactly dealing with 3rd world problems here.”
“This isn’t a cancer diagnosis.”
Funny thing is these are the mantras I use most times when things don’t go as planned. And that happens more often than you think.

My friends, when I talk about being a “MindRight Maniac,” it’s not just a bunch of words. It’s a state of mind. It’s a daily battle to win the MENTAL game every single day. And it’s not always easy.

And the days you get challenged the most, are the days you must take your losses…and eventually make them WINS.

I hope you find my “makeup” video a WINNER!!

Thanks for understanding. And thank you for always battling to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!

Much love,


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