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How Committed Are You?

Yes, December 26 is Boxing Day in many parts of the world. It is celebrated primarily in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Boxing Day started in the UK about 800 years ago, during the Middle Ages. It was the day when the alms box, collection boxes for the poor often kept in churches, were traditionally opened so that the contents could be distributed to poor people. Some churches still open these boxes on Boxing Day.

For me, BOXING DAY has a completely different meaning. Well, I hear BOXING DAY and it means it’s time to do a “BOXING” workout.

Take a look now of my version of BOXING DAY!!!

Today’s video is all about COMMITMENT. As you get ready to set goals for 2017 personally and professionally, get ready to COMMIT to being the best version of you.
Listen in and then let me know if you are willing to pay the price.
Much love…and much commitment!!
P.S. Goals, COMMITMENT, & my Mentorship!!!

My annual 3.5 Day Live Mentorship is coming up fast… make sure you commit and apply NOW!

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