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How I Started Working with Under Armour

Sometimes life is smooth. Rarely it is easy. More often than not it’s hard. There are ups and downs. Challenges. Battles. Adversities. We all face them. So do I.

I’m not sure WHY, but sometimes people think that even I have it “easy.” Couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth.

I’ve had to hustle. I’ve had to grind. I’ve had to overcome challenges. I’ve had to lean on many people along the way. And I’ve worked closely with several extraordinary organizations/brands who have helped me achieve some of my success.

As a matter of fact, I still do all of these things! It’s part of the recipe of success.

Take a watch/listen to MindRight Maniac episode #5 “The Ingredients to Success!” (from NYC) to hear a significant story that helped get me to where I am today.

MindRight Episode 5 ThumbnailCollaborations and how I first started working with Under Armour:

Drew Brees was in the Pro Bowl (2007) just a year after he ripped his shoulder out of his socket. I’m on the sideline of the Pro Bowl practice and I meet a guy from a new, fast-growing company called “Under Armour.” They were the new kids on the block still but I knew who they were.

And I wanted to work with them.

So I literally stayed up all night and wrote them a proposal on how I could help them help CHANGE THE WORLD.

When the man from Under Armour (the late Bill Hampton) asked me how long I worked on the proposal, I told him, “My entire life.” He laughed. I didn’t.

I never told him that I stayed up the entire night to write the proposal.
Nor did he know that just 6-months earlier that I set an intention on an “intention card” that I would be working with a major apparel brand.

MRM 5 Thumbnail [MindRight]

11-years later, and I still work very closely with Under Armour. And to think that relationship was born on the sideline of a football game is crazy. But it’s true.

My friends. Setting intentions are important. I think they are very valuable. But so are a few other important things.
Tons of hustle.
Working your butt off.
Putting yourself in situations that will expose you to helping you achieve your dreams.
Doing things the right way.
Getting and battling to KEEP YOUR MIND RIGHT. Every. Single. Day.

I hope you enjoy this week’s MindRight Maniac episode #5… “The Ingredients of Success.”

I shot this episode on a recent trip to NYC for Under Armour & JBL audio’s launch of some new over-the-ear headphones. But it made me think all the way back to the beginning and how it still applies today!

Under Armour and JBL [MindRight]

I trust that you will keep working your tail off. Believing in your mission. And knowing that you have all the ingredients to success you need.

Get Ur Mind Right…and create IMPACT!


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