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How STRONG are you?

How strong are you?

I’m not talking about your Deadlift. Or your Squat. Or your Bench Press.

But I am talking about your MINDSET.

One of my favorite quotes is, “You don’t know how STRONG you are…until STRONG is all you have left.”

Today’s podcast guest is someone who epitomizes being STRONG.

Her name is Janet “Btrain” Bertrand, and she’s been a trainer & coach at Fitness Quest 10 for almost 20-years. She’s changed thousands of lives in her career, and she’s about to change yours…in this podcast.


In today’s episode #240, Janet and I have a deep conversation about training, parenting, and life. She also shares the most recent challenging journey she’s had with her daughter Lauren, who has been suffering from substance abuse for more than 10 years.

Janet shares the daily mindset necessary when facing tough times, the one thing she always does to deal with the stress, pressure, and depression that can creep up, and how and why she maintains faith in all that she does. Janet also shares why she always keeps “Showing Up!”

This is a must-listen-to episode (especially if you are a parent) as it’s going to strike a chord with you. Janet’s strength of mind, body, and spirit is why I describe her as “unbreakable” and why I’m pumped for you to hear her story. Amazing.

Create an incredible week. And if you are facing ANY kind of trouble, challenge, or adversity, remember to STAY STRONG and DO NOT BREAK. You can bend, but let’s not break. #WeGotThis

Much love… and lots of STRENGTH. #KeepBattling


P.S. #1. A huge thank you to Janet Bertrand for SHARING her story. It took a lot of guts & courage to share what she shared personally. But, she did this episode to help others and hopefully inspire other parents & kids who may be going through similar things.

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