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How to Be Fulfilled Professionally and Avoid Burnout

Are you facing exhaustion, burnout, or lack of fulfillment in your career these days? Are you stuck, stalled, or frustrated with your job or the line of work you are in and feel like you need to tweak a few things to get back on track? You have come to the right place.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to address some important topics that can ultimately get you feeling good again, revitalize your passion and purpose, and ensure you’re focused on doing the work that matters most. Specifically, I will address:

  • How do you find sustainable professional fulfillment.
  • 3 ways to determine if you’re in the right line of work.
  • How to ensure your talents are married to your purpose.
  • How to course-correct your focus and energy into things that are energy amplifiers and ultimate “needle-movers.”
  • 5 ways to prevent or avoid burnout.

This episode will fuel you up, remind you of doing work that matters most, and will help you to re-discover “When Life Works Best.” If you find value in today’s IMPACT Show, please share it. This helps fulfill the mission to spread positive IMPACT worldwide and make this world a better place to be. Thank you!

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More on the episode:

(2:18) Identifying and utilizing your gifts.

(5:44)  Doing work that matters to you.

(10:55)  Running to something versus from something.  

(17:00)  5 ways to prevent and avoid burnout.

Mentioned In This Episode:

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Noteworthy Quotes from this Episode:

“What are you doing When Life Works Best?” ~ Todd Durkin 

“Ceremonialize the end of looking back!” ~ Todd Durkin

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