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How To Maximize Your College Recruiting Exposure

The college recruiting process is often misunderstood by many parents, student-athletes, coaches, and fans.  The fact is, the college recruiting process has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. College coaches are using all sorts of technology including: email, smart phones (Blackberrys, Iphones, etc.), online recruiting databases, social media, and more to evaluate players.

If your son or daughter is seriously looking to play college sports, your goal as a parent should be to support them and provide them an opportunity to best position themselves to reach their goal and find the right college fit.

You might be asking yourself what is the RIGHT FIT?

The right college fit means understanding what type of college experience your child is looking for and what’s best for the family. When creating a list of potential colleges focus on the most critical decision factors and criteria including: academics, athletics, location, cost, level of competition, coaching staff, social environment, potential playing time and scholarship opportunity.

Now that we have some more information on the table lets discuss “How to Maximize College Exposure.”

Step 1: Determine what College Programs are right for the Student-Athlete

– Conduct a realistic student-athlete assessment (stats, skills, and grades)

– Ask for a coach’s evaluation (HS & Club team)

– Research & create a target list of schools based on critical decision factors and college criteria (10 – 30+ colleges)

Step 2: Express Interest / Build Support

– Meet with high school or club team coach regarding your college goals and commitment

– Network with other trainers, coaches, and parents to seek potential qualified college coach introductions

Step 3: Introduce and Market Yourself

– Start early (Ideally Freshman and Sophomore years)

– Introduce yourself to college coaches and express your interest in their program (use email, phone, or an in person meeting to make an introduction)

– Remember you can call a college coach even though they might not be able to call you based on NCAA regulations

– Provide complete resume / profile and highlight video for a college coach’s evaluation

Some example SportsForce profiles below:

– Follow up is KEY (email, phone, and unofficial trips)

Step 4: Get In-Person Evaluation: Target Key Recruiting Events

– Identify key recruiting tournaments that some of your target colleges will attend

– Email coaches your online profile link, team name, schedule, and jersey # before the showcase to make sure you are evaluated

– Attend college camps for specific exposure to that college’s program

Step 5: Get quality video, online profile, and share

– Video is key, college coaches don’t have the time to see every player

– Create a custom highlight video to showcase your skills (3 – 5 min. long)

– Create an online profile to add your athletic, academic, and recruiting information

Some example SportsForce profiles below:

In summary the college recruiting process can be complicated to many student-athletes and families. The key to success is starting early, being proactive and remain consistent in your efforts to best position your son or daughter for the right college sports opportunity.

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