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How to Triple your Company’s Size & Heart-Centered Leadership

One of the most difficult things to do these days focuses around leadership and keeping a “growth-mindset.” Whether you are a manager, GM, owner, teammate or colleague at a business, college, university, or company, LEADERSHIP is one of the biggest challenges today for many people. Ultimately the success of an organization, team, or company is the people that drive the mission. And the key is to set a culture that ignites one’s passion, purpose, and ultimately IMPACT.

Today, we have my good friend Andrew Simpson in the house. Not only have I worked with him and mentored him for many years, he runs a 7-figure business that tripled in size during the pandemic. Let me repeat that, he TRIPLED in size. That’s called “growth mindset.”

In today’s episode, we go in-depth on the following:

  • Why Andrew tripled his space during the pandemic from 5,800 sf to 17,000 sf.
  • How Andrew and his team never wavered on their mission to grow.
  • Staying in an obedience mindset and how his faith played huge role in his expansion.
  • Greatest lessons and opportunities during the growth period.
  • Andrew shares his leadership hacks.
  • The vision of his company in the next 3-5 years.
  • Andrew shares great wisdom from his book “The Youth Truth,” including the 2 most-powerful words a kid can say…
  • Lessons for parents, kids, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

You’re going to love today’s episode from one of the strongest, best, and most heart-centered, purpose-driven leaders I know. Dig in and let me know what you think. Please don’t forget to share it. It really helps us grow the podcast and spread the IMPACT. 

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1:38 – Who is Andrew Simpson
Andrew shares about adding to his family and tripling the size of his business during the pandemic.

4:20 – Tripling Your Business During a Pandemic.
Why Andrew and his team tripled the size of PFP during the pandemic, the need to help people during the pandemic people need us more than ever with mental, physical, and spiritual.

5:57 – What whispers was Andrew hearing, and how was he obedient to the whispers in the midst of the pandemic?
The team never waivered they were behind the expansion all the way! Belief and Faith are what we do!

7:25 – How do you stay in an abundance mindset?
Invested into team and self and fueling our minds with growth!  Do not be crippled by fear.

12:37 – Andrew shares some of his lessons and opportunities during the growth.
Give up control and trust the team to do more. Invest in leadership and business coaching for myself and the team.

15:18 – Do you have great people on your team because you found them or because you made these people great?
God put the right people in my path. Invest in other great leaders to coach your team.

20:03 – Andrew shares on leadership.
The most important role of a leader is to make sure the ship gets to the right destination.

22:05 – Andrew shares the vision for PFP in the next 3- 5 years.
PFP needs to be in more counties! We need to touch more lives.

29:22  – “The Youth Truth”  Andrew shares his timeless message to Parents!
“Say Nothing Challenge.” Parents need to study leadership. Kids are craving unconditional love.

49:42 – Message to Coaches! How can coaches do better?
Understand the state of athletes. The power that a coach has… ”Coach Says”. Start with why…why are you a coach?

59:30 – The World needs great coaches now!!!

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About Andrew:

Andrew Simpson is on a mission to raise the standard of leadership in teams, businesses, and families all over the world. He believes a person deserves and thrives under the guidance of a love-powered, passionate, generous leader.

Andrew’s unwavering belief in his team members and his love for each of them is the fuel behind the early success of their organization. PFP is on a crusade to lead millions of students and adults across the world to become who they were always meant to be–> healthy, fully confident, wildly successful, servant-leaders for their businesses, families, and teams. 

Founder Player’s Fitness and Performance
Creator of The Winning Athlete Formula
Check out his Book The Youth Truth: Coaching & Parenting in Today’s Crazy Youth Sports World.

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