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Humor is Medicine for the Soul–Game Time with Steve Shenbaum

If you like to laugh and smile, you’re going to love this episode. Communication expert Steve Shenbaum is back for another episode (see Ep. 76) and this time puts me through the test with some of his favorite acting/communication games called “Expert Speaker” and “Red Light, Green Light.” Yes, I’m the one on the spot today. 

Steve is a former actor and he’s the founder and president of Game On Nation, a communication, leadership, and business consulting agency best known for its work with corporations, collegiate, and professional athletes, and athletic teams. 

Get ready to get your game on, have fun, and learn some practical games that will help your communication!

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More on the episode…

:36 – Meet Steve Shenbaum 
This guy will make you smile, laugh, and be better!

3:03 – “Expert Speaker”–Check out this game with Steve and me.
“Expert Speaker” is an exercise to help with confidence, creativity, and flexibility! 

8:07 – Why Do The Exercise
The gateway to conversations are about creativity, confidence, and flexibility.  “Love Your Words.” 

10:55 – “Red Light, Green Light” 
This exercise is about the power of no and how to deal with obstacles and flexibility.

14:00 – Steve shares his observation of Todd’s acting skills
Todd crushes another game and this one was all about learning how to surrender.

15:42 – How these exercises could benefit your team
Authentic bonding, breakdown barriers, and laughter creates connection!

17:32 – Where to find more about Steve Shenbaum and Game On Nation

Humor is the medicine for the soul!

Thank you Steve Shenbaum for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!
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