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I Believe in You

A dear friend, Kelli Corasanti, wrote an article on “I Believe in You” that captures the essence of STRONG and the power of BELIEF.

The power of the mind is incredible. And so is encouragement. We all need cheerleaders in our lives. Today, stand up for what you believe in, let your light shine brightly, and go ignite the universe with positivity and BELIEF. After all, I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! – TD


I Believe in you

by Kelli O’Brien Corasanti, TDMM Platinum Level Coach

We are three episodes into the show, STRONG, and we learned in the last episode that Todd and Devon finished their time together on the show. If you watched, you know that the ‘Opportunity’ (Elimination) Tower was an incredibly hard challenge, and the other team completed it first. However, Todd and Devon battled together until the end, and the most powerful moment of the show, for me, was during that battle.

Todd and Devon were on the twisting double helix and Devon’s arms were shot. She was tired. She was scared. She was frustrated. You could read it all in her face as she made her way across until her grip couldn’t hold her anymore and she slipped to the mats below. Wiping tears of frustration from her eyes, she glanced at Todd, needing his encouragement and support, or maybe just wanting to apologize to him with her glance. But Todd wasn’t having that apology, and he wasn’t going to let her down. He kept calm. He talked with her. He told her to go back and try again. He reminded her that she could do it. Without a choice and still committed to the fight, Devon climbed back to the start of the obstacle, and once again, grabbed the bars. Inch, by painstaking inch, she moved forward. The entire time, her gaze was on Todd, and he didn’t waiver one bit. Passion filled his voice as he told her, “I believe in you.”

Despite her exhaustion, her shaking arms and loosening grip, Devon kept going. Every one of us watching was hanging in mid-air with her, anonymously sending her our support. Todd’s hand reached out for her. She moved toward it. You could actually see her will to make it take over, and sheer determination allowed her to continue. Then suddenly, she was there. Todd grabbed her and pulled her safely onto the platform before she collapsed in his arms.


Maybe not for this show. After all, they didn’t ‘win’.

But were they STRONG?   Absolutely!

They weren’t strong because of the muscle on their bodies. They weren’t strong because they were fighting with each other or with any of the other people on the show. They weren’t strong because they were pompous, arrogant or entitled. They weren’t strong because they had the most money, or the most power, or the most prestige. And they weren’t strong because they won a game show on TV.

So, what is it that made them STRONG?

It was their heart. It was their authenticity. It was their vulnerability. It was their willingness to work together. And it was their true BELIEF in each other!

There are some great lessons to be learned from Todd and Devon’s appearance on this show. As we all continue to get better in our businesses and lives, here are some of those lessons to consider:

  1. Building muscle is important, but BELIEVING in someone makes them even stronger!
  2. Vulnerability is strength! Being authentic, being REAL, and sharing your emotions make you, and the people around you, stronger!
  3. Working together makes you stronger. Alone, you can do a lot. But together, anything is possible!
  4. Your heart is your most important muscle! Work it in every dimension and you will truly BE STRONG!

Todd and Devon, as Team Olive, spent a short time on TV. In the long run, however, I believe their true STRENGTH will create a much greater IMPACT!

-Kelli Corasanti

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