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I Haven’t Done This in 31 Years!

I just got done doing something I haven’t done in about 31 years. I played in a competitive soccer game. You know, with referees and jerseys and all that stuff.

And I loved it.

Since I’m coaching my son Brady’s 9-year old soccer team again (Team IMPACT with my wingman Coach Jeff Granucci), all the coaches that coach the boys teams play the all the coaches that coach the girls teams. The game has been a long-standing tradition within the league for years and it’s always close.

And let me tell you… you can tell some of these coaches used to play some serious competitive soccer at a high level. And that is both the guys and the gals.

I used to play also. Yeah, from about age 6 to 12. And I haven’t played since.

Going to the field tonight to play, I actually had that feeling like I was going to play in a game again. You know, that little nervousness, excitement, jitters that you get. I had that.

Now don’t laugh. I know some of my athletes are reading this and thinking, “TD, be real, it’s a recreational soccer game with a bunch of ‘has been’s’ that think they still can play.”

And they might be right. I might not be as fast as I used to. I can’t cut on a dime like I used to. I can’t jump as high as I used to.

But man, it felt great to compete.

And you know what it was? It was the spirit of being in that huddle. It was the spirit of the team doing their best.  It was the spirit of diving for a ball when playing keeper. It was the spirit of scoring a goal when playing offense. It was the spirit of sucking wind when sprinting and looking at my heart rate monitor that said 177 bpm. It was just the SPIRIT… period. And it felt so darned good to compete.


Speaking of SPIRIT, I want to honor the SPIRIT of the 2,996 people that died in the September 11, 2001 tragedy, 13 years ago this Thursday. I can’t believe it was 13 years ago. Seems like yesterday when the world just stood still for so long. And in so many ways, it hasn’t been the same since.

I think it’s important we remember all these people that perished, their families, and all the lives directly touched by this tragedy. #WeWillNeverForget

The WOW this week is SPIRIT.

What can you do this week to honor your SPIRIT?
What can you do to improve your SPIRIT?

Hey, maybe it’s playing in a game that you haven’t played in a while.
Maybe it’s spending time in your SPIRITual walk.
Maybe it’s taking 13 minutes of quiet time on Thursday to honor the 2,996 SPIRITS that passed tragically 13 years ago.

SPIRIT. You gotta have your spirit right. It can make or break a team. An organization. A church. A person.

Take action this week to nourish your SPIRIT. You will be glad you did.

Much love… and much SPIRIT.


P.S. Many of you also read my “Mentor Memoirs” this week where I shared 8 different people that have IMPACTED me greatly in my walk.Thank you for your feedback. I must say, writing those certainly touched mySPIRIT and reconnected me with some emotions that I haven’t felt in a while. If you missed those, you can always catch them over on my FB Fan Page.


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