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IMPACT! Corner Questions August 2012

How do you fire up your trainers and staff to bring IMPACT every day in everything they do and transfer that enthusiasm of ownership?

First, you have to make sure you are fired up yourself.  World-class workouts, eating impeccably, getting bodywork/massage, and all the physical and recovery practices we preach to our clients everyday.  This sets the tone and example.

Next, leadership is critical.  I believe on-going TFT’s (training fellow trainers), in-house workshops/staff development, attending conferences as a team, having staff workouts, and occasional staff-outings (softball game, beach outing, retreat, etc.) are all examples of ways to infuse energy and build CULTURE.

Lastly, communication is essential.  It is important for all leaders to set expectations for staff and provide feedback on those expectations.  So many times, leaders/managers/owners just expect people to do a great job.  But I believe you need to help coach people to success and provide them with a game-plan to fit the mission and vision of the company.  Feedback is considered the breakfast of champions and without it, one can’t improve.

Not always easy to “bring it” everyday.  But it’s the key to on-going, commitment success.

As a team player, how do I get my teammates to focus at practices and games? They don’t take them as seriously as I do. How do I motivate my teammates to want and learn how to win?

You keep being a leader DaReester.  Set the tone in practice, challenge and encourage your teammates to “dig deep,” and set some goals with them.  I encourage you to have a meeting with your teammates and discuss these goals and ask your teammates what they think it’s going to take to get there.  And then do it.

Bottom line is this.  YOU must continue to do everything you can to be YOUR best.  Training hard, eating right, and practicing meticulously.  The more you try to ‘master your craft’, the better it will translate into success on the field.

I always say this, “LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY.”  Keep leading!!!!

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