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TD’s November IMPACT Corner Questions

Todd conducted a live laser coaching session open to all Facebook followers from the airport in Tampa Bay, FL, just a few days ago. Click here to like us so you can catch the next coaching time!

Here are a few of the questions we received!

Q. Casey Sedley: I see that you like to journal and seem to think its important. Why is that?
A. Yes, I love journaling and think it’s a great habit to help create clarity. I have found that journaling allows to put your thoughts on paper and this helps produced clarity and gratitude. Those are 2 very important qualities to develop. Clarity helps produce mastery. Gratitude allows us to be thankful for the blessings in our life and puts emphasis on the things we can control versus circumstances we can’t control. My suggestion would be to invest in good notebook or journal and even just spend 5-10 minutes a day writing. You can write things such as your intentions for the day, the energy you wish to have for the day, you can do a gratitude list of all the things you are thankful for or even write down ALL the people in your life that you are thankful for. Again, the mere fact of writing it down on paper or typing this up puts emphasis on going “inward” and developing peace & balance in your life. Enough said. Time to get writing!

Q. Andrew Simpson: Good morning Todd! Any must go to workshops/events before the end of 2012?
A. Great question Andrew Simpson. Heading to ECA in Ft. Lauderdale right now as that’s this weekend. CanFitPro next weekend in Vancouver. But if you’re not at any of those, look at the Perform Better options in early 2013. Those are always good. And I will let you know if we re-release the “IMPACT Summit” that went over wildly well. Thanks brother.

Q. Cory Gilday: Hey Todd.. Do you use linear periodization or undulating periodization with your athletes?
A. We use undulating periodization. Much more effective in allowing us to fluctuate our volume & intensity in our microcycles so that each & every week is a bit different. This keeps it fun, exciting, and derives GREAT results.

Q. Christy Mishler: When you first started your business, what one thing would you have changed if you could have a “do over”
A. I wouldn’t change a thing because I love where I am now. Haha. Man, I have made a ton of mistakes. I guess if there is one thing though is that I would have had a business plan. I didn’t have a business plan, no clients, & very little money. Not a great place to start. But i surrounded myself with some great mentors and I had a ton of passion. First thing I would say is have a detailed business plan, go DEEP into the financial projections, and then have entrusted mentors provide you feedback on your plan.

Q. Ellen Healy: Is it productive to take an entire week off of all exercise? If so, how often?
A. I recommend to my athletes that they take a week or 2 off of training completely right after a season. I also have unloading weeks once every 6-8 weeks where I take the volume & intensity down about 60-70% and focus on stretching, mobility, and movement. For the every day fitness enthusiast, I don’t typically tell them to take weeks off because it seems like they naturally get built in there with vacations, “life”, etc. To the most dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts, yes. Otherwise, no. Personally, I don’t take “weeks” off anymore. I may take a 3-4 days span off a few times a year, but that is about max that I take off.

Q. Mike Caro: You once told me a great way to be known and keep up to date in the field is to do a lot of writing. What’s a good way or place to get started? Safe travels!
A. A couple places to get started include: starting a blog (you can do that in about 5 minutes) and then linking your blog posts to FB and Twitter posts. Also, submit your posts to Ezine Articles. This is a great resource to get your name and brand out there even more. Also, if you work for a health club or studio that has a newsletter, contribute to that newsletter. Write articles for the newsletter and contribute to the team. If you don’t have a newsletter or your club doesn’t, then start one. (ConstantContact, iContact, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, etc. are all providers & IDEA even has a template you can use). Lastly, don’t forget to journal yourself. Keeps CLARITY of thought!


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