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Mental Health, Doubling Down on IMPACT, and my G.S.D

Mornin Mornin sunshines. Get up. Get vertical. Declare today is going to be a victory. Whether it has been a great week, a good week, or a really shoddy week, let’s make today a winner.

Move your body today, engage in some great conversations, listen to a podcast (preferably the one below!), and do something to take care of YOU!

I’m feeling incredibly grateful today for three reasons:

1. The state of CA did NOT revert to the “purple zone” on Tuesday, which would have shut indoor-training down for 3-weeks. Hallelujah Hallelujah!!!!

People need to be swinging kettlebells, slamming ropes, doing pushups, and hittin’ some #ArmFarm now MORE than ever before.

Stress is at an all-time high. Check out some of these stats:

40% of U.S. adults recently reported struggling with mental health or substance abuse.
31% of U.S. adults have reported anxiety/depression.
13% have STARTED or increased substance abuse in the last 3-months.
11% of adults have seriously considered suicide.
Domestic violence is up “9%.”

And with kids.. the effects of isolation, stress, and the pandemic could be even worse.

Experts are weary of the effect the pandemic will have on suicide rates, anxiety/depression, and substance abuse in kids. While the data will not be available for a year or two, it is something we all need to be aware of.

Folks, I must STOP there. It’s depressing just looking at those stats.

But we either be the victim or the victor. It’s time for action. I’m convicted of being part of the solution, not the problem. Are you with me?

This pandemic has already crushed too many spirits. It has already weakened too many mindsets. Let’s put a stop to it NOW!!!

First step: MOVE TODAY!

Right now, exercise, training, and movement are MANDATORY, not optional. It’s one of the 2 BEST things we can do for ourselves right now for our physical and mental health.

Let’s make sure we are getting MOVEMENT in DAILY. It’s one of the best ways to guarantee “GETTING YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!”

If you are working out today, hop over to my FB page. I just posted a “Workout of the Day” and let me know what YOU are doing or follow the simple workout I provided. It’s nothing fancy, but I guarantee it will help you WIN THE DAY…and GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

Check it out now…

2. I’m doubling down on IMPACT!

One of the programs I’m currently running inside my Mastermind right now is called “God-Sized Dreams.” It’s essentially doing some deep soul-searching on what you need to do and making the pivots necessary to do them.

One way I’m living my “G.S.D.” is “coaching” more than ever before.

  • I’m coaching trainers and fit-pros in my TD Mastermind program.
  • I’m coaching non-fit pros (entrepreneurs, high-performers, leaders, and fitness enthusiasts) through my Todd Durkin IMPACT Coaching (next program starts October 18th). In this coaching program, I combine business coaching, life-coaching, and guide people through a 60-Day body/mind/soul transformation program to help them live their “G.S.D” (God-Sized Dreams).
  • Heck, I’m even leading my first-ever Todd Durkin IMPACT Coaching Certification in November (November 21st) that is entirely online. It is open for anyone looking to become a coach, beyond just the fitness/trainer side. It is open to anyone who is looking to create and scale more impact in their communities.

This coaching is a result of my own “G.S.D.” to serve MORE PEOPLE. I love coaching people to their highest & best self. It also allows me to help people fulfill their potential and create their maximum IMPACT.

3. Are you looking to build or expand your ONLINE brand?

I’ve shared a few podcast episodes lately with two very special people—the dynamic duo of Anna & Vito LaFata. And they got raving reviews, and people wanted more.

So I did another episode where I went “LIVE” with Anna & Vito and took YOUR questions on IG & FB Live, and they answered them all. Check this out today, and I know you will get great value out of it.

Listen NOW: Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify

In today’s episode, you will learn:

  1. The biggest mistakes of getting online.
  2. The most important thing to be successful online.
  3. How important social media is in building an online brand.
  4. Using ads online, and are they expensive?
  5. Tips to use YouTube and Instagram together to grow your online business.
  6. Best tips for picking your target market.
  7. Pricing your service online in today’s competitive world.

Great stuff. Lots to choose from.
Enjoy a podcast episode.
Look into one of the IMPACT Coaching programs or certifications.
And get out there and MOVE your body.

Remember, motion is the lotion, and movement is medicine. Go get some!

I look forward to helping you make TODAY a WINNING DAY!!!

Much love… and lots of IMPACT.


P.S. #1. Going LIVE tomorrow (Friday) at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST for a “Good News Network” revisited and to take your questions…

Where: IG & FB


How I feel about Covid-19 & small businesses

Your G.S.D. and IMPACT!!

Building Your ONLINE Brand

Taking ALL Your Q&A

P.S. #2. Join me on a Special FREE “GET ONLINE” Workshop this Saturday, September 26th, at 11 am PST/2 pm EST.



I invite you to join Anna, Vito, and urs truly for a special 1-Day Virtual Workshop this Saturday, September 26th, 11 am-3 pm PST (2-6 pm EST). If you’re serious about building an online business (not just an online service or one on one coaching). In that case, you don’t want to miss out on this deep dive training led by Vito, Anna, and myself as a special guest!

The Free 4 Hour workshop will be hosted inside their Online Business Success Secrets Group. Request to be added here and join us LIVE to get your questions answered and have a chance to win prizes!

Let them know TD sent you 🙂

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