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In the Shark Tank with Sarah Apgar & FitFighter

Who is ready to swim with the Sharks? Check out this epic podcast episode with entrepreneur, Army veteran, Iraqi war veteran, All American Rugby player at Princeton, mom, and Mastermind member and friend Sarah Apgar who just appeared on Shark Tank on ABC a few days ago. Listen in as Sarah pitches her FitFighter brand on Shark Tank and I ask her all the “behind-the-scenes” questions that you will love hearing about. 

Hop into the Tank now with Sarah as she faces Sharks Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky. Sarah shares her feelings walking through the doors of Shark Tank, entering the doors to the stage full of light onto the set… man, I had goosebumps as she described the feeling inside of her and which Shark she was going after. Sarah also shares the inside scoop on the decision making moments and brain chaos that led her to the new FitFighter Co-Captain.  

Sarah spent a ton of preparation time, over 30 days prior rehearsing every day, meditating, and making sure her formula of Preparation + a Little Fortune + Gumption + Commitment would meet in the end-result!

Hop in the Tank, start swimming, and choose your Sharks carefully. Be sure to share this episode on your social media, and please tag me on.

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More on the episode:

2:26 – Welcome Sarah Apgar to the IMPACT Show!
From Shark Tank to the IMPACT Show

4:42 – Confronting the Sharks
Sarah shared her experience when the doors opened on the set of Shark Tank.

7:40 – The Shark Sarah Was Going After
Sarah shares her thoughts on each shark and who she was going after.

9:55 – A Guest Shark…
Daniel Lubetzky – self-made entrepreneur.

11:25 – Who is the lucky Shark…now co-captain of FitFighter

13:00 – Sarah shares a little on what her relationship is with her new co-captain.

  • Build a relationship
  • Grow the pie of IMPACT
  • Playing the long game
  • Life-saving power of health and fitness

15:07 – Sarah shares her new Co-Captain’s Super Power.

  • Humanity and togetherness
  • Relationships matter

17:05 – Lori looked like she was going to make an offer
Sarah shares her thoughts and experience.

19:50 – Sarah shares some great moments and thoughts now that the show has aired.

  • Gratitude
  • She worked on preparation for 30 days before the filming of the show in July.
  • Massive shout out to Kelli Watson (TDMM Coach) for working with me those 30 days prior!
  • Preparation meets fortune meets gumption meets commitment meets results!
  • Quarantined in Vegas for ten days

25:51 – Decision Making Moments

  • Real-time on Shark Tank – each moment was real time.
  • Brain chaos…moments with Mark, Robert, Kevin, Daniel, and Lori.

31:57 – What’s next for FitFighter? 

  • Play the Long term game

37:00 – Gratitude and the power of the community!

  • Standing on the shoulder of giants.
  • Force of a Team

41:50 – Wisdom and Motivation from Sarah – The FitFighter core values:

  • Make Service Your Compass
  • Be the Most Curious Person You Know
  • Win and Lose as a Team
  • Exceed the Standard
  • Act Human

53:15 – Final Wrap up – Keep the crack in the door open!

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About Sarah:

Sarah Apgar is the Founder of FitFighter, a complete strength training system that makes you ready for your everyday mission. She is an Iraq War Veteran, All-American Athlete, Fitness Professional, Volunteer Firefighter, and mom of 2 little girls. Sarah and FitFighter have been featured on ABC News, USA Sports Radio, Armed Forces Network, and Oxygen Magazine, and performed for clients the likes of ESPN, FDNY, and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Sarah promotes and celebrates the power of teams, women leaders, and public service, contributing a portion of sales to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation. Sarah has an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and a BA from Princeton University, and is a graduate of the Princeton Army ROTC Program. She lives in Port Washington NY with her husband, Ben Smith, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and her two young daughters, Emory and Arlyn.

Follow Sarah Apgar:

 IG & Twitter @sarah.apgar  @fitfighter

Website: &

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