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Inside the Head & Heart with Best-Selling Author Jon Gordon

Get ready for a barn-burner today my friends! We have the one and only Jon Gordon on today’s show and he absolutely brings the heat. Truth be told, having Jon on the IMPACT Show was one of my top intentions for 2020 and he certainly over-delivered.

With all the wisdom Jon offers today, you will also hear from a man who is full of compassion, care, and love and has a divine purpose and driving mission. If there was ever an episode to share with your friends, family and community, it’s THIS one.

Buckle-up and listen to the principles of a man who has IMPACTED millions of people with his books and keynotes. And if you have not ready one of his 20 books (8 best-sellers) be sure to pick up one up today. My faves include The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, You Win in the Locker Room First, The Power of Positive Leadership, The Power of a Positive Team, The Coffee Bean co-authored by my friend Damon West and his latest Stay Positive. ALL of them are great!

Without further ado, it’s time to get into the head & heart of Jon Gordon. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to share the good news!

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More on the episode

:49 – Todd introduces best selling author Jon Gordon
Jon was #1 on Todd’s Intention list to get on The IMPACT Show in 2020!

3:48 – The best way to make a new connection
The power of book gifting!

5:01 – Jon shares thoughts on COVID-19
Going from pessimistic to an optimist. The best is yet to come!.

6:33 – Win the Day Mentality 

8:01 – Jon’s new book projects
Relationship Grit – sticking together in all ups and downs and The Garden – Overcoming fears, stress, and anxiety.

10:12  – Becoming a writer 
The calling to be more positive after being so negative.  Change needed to happen.  “The more I live my life, the more I love my life”.

14:47 – The creation of The Energy Bus book
How a newsletter became a book.

17:08 – Know your role
I’m a writer first – I am happiest when I’m writing.

19:05 – The 5 D’s 
Doubt, Distortion, Discouragement, Distraction, and Division. The enemy’s game plan – Good vs Evil!

23:21 – Jon shares his writing strategies and how the magic works
Within weeks the book starts to write itself!

25:09- Todd’s son Brady asks – When Jon finishes writing a book how does he take it from good to great?
Jon shares some great advice!

27:16 -The Durkin family asks – Jon what is your favorite book that you have written?
Jon – Training Camp and Todd shares that Hard Hat is the Durkin family favorite.

31:45 – How to start writing a book
Principle – Story – Application – Start with your story!  

33:33 – The best habits to stay in high-performance mode
Trains his body & mind and lives a clean life. My purpose is greater than my challenge.

36:45 – The 4 C’s conquer the 5 D’s
Communicate, Connect, Commit, and Care!

38:09 – What’s next for Jon Gordon

41:00 – Last question: What do you want other people to say about Jon  Gordon?

Thank you, Jon Gordon, for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!  
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