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Inside the Head of an NFL Football Coach…Meet Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott

Have you ever met someone and they have the “it” factor? Sean McDermott is one of those guys. While Sean is the current head football coach for the Buffalo Bills and has been coaching in the NFL for over 20-years, I knew he had the “it” factor even way back when we were teammates at William & Mary.

In today’s episode, Coach McDermott talks about his journey to become a head coach in the League, how to create a winning culture (as the Bills were perennial losers when he took over), leadership at all levels, what he personally does to keep his mind right, power of mentors, why he remains stoic on the sidelines despite being a fiery guy, and his thoughts on this upcoming season. Heck, he even shares a few “fun facts” about urs truly at the end of the show!

Without further ado, let’s “circle the wagons” and go out to the show with Buffalo Bills Head Coach, Sean McDermott.

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:56 – Happy Memorial Day!
Today we reflect on those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.  

2:30 – 8 Days away from my Book Launch!
Pre-order your book today and get my special bonuses and bundles available PRE-LAUNCH. Check it out at

4:41 – Who is Coach Sean McDermott?

6:40 – Unknown facts about Sean McDermott.
Todd and Sean share the same Birthday – March 21st and Todd and Sean were teammates & fraternity brothers at William & Mary!

7:55 – Quick hitter questions – Rapid Fire.

  • Cats or Dogs?
  • Offense or Defense?
  • Football or Wrestling?

And then some…

9:13  – Advice for youth athletes right now that are waiting for their sport to start?
Prepare for the Day that it does start.

10:08 – What Sean does daily to keep his mind right.
Get ahead of the day and don’t let the day get ahead of you.

11:38  – Path to the NFL.
Journey to the NFL

13:57 – Mentors and Lessons.

  • His Dad was his coach 
  • College coach Jimmye Laycock – William & Mary
  • Andy Reid – best lesson- Make sure you are PLANNING THE DAY!

17:02 – Named Buffalo Bills Head Coach in 2017.
A handshake agreement… lifestyle decisions… changes

19:07 – Leadership  – Culture Change.
Get the right people on the bus and build relationships with your team.

21:02 – The hardest part of the job.
Making unpopular decisions and just how lonely leadership can be at times.

24:05 – Obstacles with Buffalo Bills.

  • Mentality
  • Shift Change
  • Right people, routines, habits, and the process

25:36 – The power of keeping stoic during games.
It’s a challenge and I wish there was a book for this!

27:50 – Your picture of an Iconic coach?
Sean shares some coaches he had… it was the intense and fiery ones that made a difference.

29:50 – How to overcome a tough loss.
Get back on the field and get another shot!
Todd predicts next year’s Super Bowl – Buffalo Bills vs New Orleans Saints!!!

32:15 – Sean shares his legacy in Buffalo.
I want my family and players to say I’m thankful Sean was________.

34:04 – Why working out is crucial.
The competitive advantage and the edge

36:29 – Will there ever be a female head coach in the NFL?
Gals in the NFL now are carving the ways. Yes there will be without a doubt.

37:40 – Sean shares his favorite mantras.

  • No Pain No Gain
  • To whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48)
  • Underdog approach

40:10 – More on his faith.
Self-discovery and spirituality. I have so much more to learn!

42:27 – Wrap up!
Thank you Sean for who you are and how you are living your life. And Sean shares some “unknown facts” about Todd back in his college days. 🙂


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