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You’re going to love this episode with 5 of Fitness Quest 10’s interns as Todd talks leadership, branding, personal development, faith, and what it truly means to be successful. The interns hold nothing back in asking Todd questions such as, “What gets you out of bed in the morning?”, “What are some of the top lessons you’ve learned working with pro athletes?”, “How do you attract top-quality talent for your team, as well as such a diverse clientele?”, “What are your future goals?”, and “What recommendations would you have to young professionals who seek maximum success in their lives?” 

There is nothing off-limits in this episode as Todd discusses the importance of creating a deep purpose, staying true to your mission and values, the art of pulling out the BEST in others, and how to stand firm in what’s most important to you, regardless of age. This truly is an IMPACT episode!!

More on this episode:

8:39 – How come there was never a bigger expansion of Fitness Quest 10?
If my love wasn’t in brick and mortar… what was it in? The answer to this has influenced every strategic decision I’ve ever made. Find out how your core “why” will deeply influence your purpose, strategy, and actions. 

13:38 – The value of your square footage.
Something to take into account: Does your philosophy dictate your space or does space dictate your philosophy? Every square foot (or lack thereof) counts. Make every inch count.

15:24 – Keeping people on the “grind” when they are facing adversity (injury, morale, or an off day).  
Understand that adversity challenges one’s mentality and spirit. As a coach or mentor, your role is to get them focused again on what they can ultimately control…

20:32 – “Do you realize how much of an impact you are making on people and how does it feel to you?” 
Success is fleeting, it is all about significance. How I feel when I actually slow down enough to recognize it… 

22:20 – How we’ve attracted such a diverse clientele to Fitness Quest 10.
I believe my clear vision of combining the western world with the eastern world has set the tone for all walks of life to feel welcome walking through our doors. What is your vision? What is your ‘why’?

28:40 – What was it like to see LaDanian Tomlinson, Drew Brees, and other athletes grow under your leadership? 
Moments like LaDainian Tomlinson’s enshrinement ceremony into the NFL Hall of Fame, Drew winning the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP and many NFL records have been some key moments and highlights in my career. I am tremendously grateful and blessed and get a tremendous amount of satisfaction seeing how much these athletes grow and get better- not only as athletes but as men of character, honor, and integrity also.

38:17 – The biggest takeaway I have had working with pro athletes. 
Regular people, finding a way to tap into that special gift or talent they’ve been given… over the long-haul.

41:32 – “How do you deal with complacency?” 
Growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset.

45:51 – Learning the word “No” when you are young.
Denouncing the lie that you are being selfish or self-righteous, releasing the desire to be accepted and please other people, and standing strong in what is most important to you.

49:22 – The fitness industry is always trying to revolutionize itself… my thoughts on what equipment I choose to have in the gym.
Who really owns your gym? Your clients. And at the end of the day, what do they really care about? Results and having a great experience. 

53:13– After all these years… what actually gets me out of bed each morning.
I am here to create an IMPACT.

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