Iron Sharpens Iron

It’s funny how the universe works. I’m just about a week away from major knee surgery and my MIND-set and SOUL-set have never been stronger. My body may be in pain but that’s about to change. And that is GOOD!

Interesting enough, I’ve had more new, unique speaking opportunities over the last few months than ever before. And the cool thing is, these speaking opportunities are on 2 THINGS that I love:

1. FAITH. I am a man of faith. While I don’t go around all the time and preach, Pastor TD Jakes says, “Everything in you is a ministry.” #Truth

2. KIDS. I love coaching and teaching kids. And while my primary audience I work with is adults, professionals, coaches, fitness enthusiasts, and high-performers/executives, talking to kids keeps it REAL…and keeps it FUN!

Today’s “IRON SHARPENS IRON” MindRight Maniac episode shares 3 recent talks I did. One is to a local middle school. The other two are to local high schools. All in all, I spoke to over 1,000 kids in these 3-talks. #SoulSinging

Check out “IRON SHARPENS IRON” here…

My hope is that this MindRight Maniac episode gets you STRONGER.


A STRONGER spirit & soul.

And ignites you to go out and train to get a STRONGER body.

When the body, mind, and soul are all soaring, then nothing is impossible. And for that I am grateful.

Create an amazing week. And thank you for what YOU do. Remember, “IRON SHARPENS IRON.”

Everyone you hang out with, COUNTS.

Everything you watch, COUNTS.

Everything you read, COUNTS.

Everything you listen to, COUNTS.

Everything COUNTS.

Make it COUNT today. #IronSharpensIron

Much love…and lots of IRON.


About the Author

Todd Durkin, MA, is a world-renown trainer, coach, author and motivational speaker who trains dozens of elite, high-profile NFL, MLB, and MMA athletes, including two Super Bowl MVPs (Drew Brees& Aaron Rodgers), Olympic gold medalists, Heisman Trophy winners, and MMA champions. Todd is a 2-Time Trainer of the Year, the 2017 Jack LaLanne Award recipient, a member of the Under Armour Training Team, and a Top-100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness. He was a featured trainer on the popular TV show, NBC STRONG, which is now airing on Netflix. His gym, Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA, is a Top-10 Gym in America. His 2 books, The IMPACT Body Plan and The WOW BOOK, have changed thousands of lives worldwide.

Todd is also the President/CEO of Todd Durkin Enterprises where he conducts motivational keynotes/presentations, educational & leadership workshops to high-performers in all sectors of business & life. If you need a dynamic, motivational speaker for your business, club, team, or organization in 2019, now is a great time to book Todd.

As a 20+ year veteran in the fitness and coaching industry, Todd leads the "best-in-class" Todd Durkin Mastermind Coaching program that is designed to help fitness pros in business, leadership, marketing, training, and personal development. He takes great pride in his coaching program and has devoted 10+ years of his career in helping others achieve massive success, significance and IMPACT as well. Whether one is a green-trainer looking to ascend up the success-ladder or someone is a 20+ year veteran looking for new motivation, tactics, and techniques, the TD Mastermind is an incredible family of devoted "fire-breathing" dragons committed to becoming BETTER!
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