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Iron Sharpens Iron…Who Sharpens You?

You’re going to love this episode as I recorded it in the rarified air at 8,000 feet in Vail, CO. We just had our Mastermind Fall Mountain Retreat and had 80 fire-breathing dragons recalibrating & rejuvenating energy for 3-days as they had a chance to work ON their businesses and lives.

Additionally, four people were picked from the crowd and they got the chance to ask me their DEEP questions here on the podcast. We had some great questions on business, family, life, parenting, and IMPACT that you don’t want to miss. After all, “iron sharpens iron.” WHO sharpens you? IG story me away @ToddDurkin and let me know your biggest takeaway!

Special Mastermind Member Guests on the episode: 
Jill Rooks, Redlands, CA (The Energy Lab
Rebecca Grijalva, Albuquerque, NM (
Tony Johnson, San Diego, CA (Mindful & Fit Coaching)
Heather Fahrenkrog, Libertyville, IL (Heather’s Gym)

More about the episode:

4:23 – Keeping Life Going During Difficult Seasons
Give yourself permission: to slow down, to grieve, to find a new normal. 

7:20 – In Times Of Tragedy|
Trust in others…

8:08 – The Ultimate Commitment To Yourself
At all costs, protect your energy. 

8:31 – Iron Sharpens Iron
Who helps you be stronger? 

11:13 – Your Best Advice To Be Successful As An Entrepreneur And Within Your Family 
Identify your priorities… and your legacy. What do you want to be remembered for?

14:12 – Unifying Your Family
The importance of a nighttime routine…

15:16 – Make Your Business Run Without You
Establish your systems and build your people.

16:13 – Let Go Of Perfection
Perfection is a losing game. 

18:54 – Growing An Emerging Business/Brand and A Family At The Same Time

20:04 – On Being Present In Your Kids Lives
I’m the father I am today because of some of the mistakes I made in the beginning.

21:00 – Say Yes To Your Kids

21:15 – Be Present And Available. 
It’s what your family actually wants from you.

21:53 – What I Would Have Done Differently
Relationships will always trump your business. Invest where it matters…

25:55 – What Lasts Forever 
Spend your time on things your kids won’t forget.

26:21 – Thanksgiving
The best Thanksgiving gift I ever gave my wife.

28:38 – Coaching People When Going Through Personal Struggle
Lean on your non-negotiables…

31:34 – It’s What You Do Beyond The Session

32:25 – Listen With Your Eyes
Lead by learning to see what people aren’t saying.

38:30 – How to get them to feel your heart
Put your heart into everything, give them a piece of you, not just an exercise.

38:48 – Iron Sharpens Iron
Who do you surround yourself with? Surround yourself with people who sharpen you and be someone who sharpens others.

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