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Is there a blessing buried in your burden?

Good morning. I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl and that “your team” won.

Thank you to all who tuned-into the Super Bowl church service yesterday, where I was a guest at the Rock Church. I was honored to share my testimony and talk about the things I’ve overcome in my life…

Growing up as the youngest of 8-kids in a single-family home with little money.
My father’s death when I was just 20-years old.
At age 25, my back-injury ultimately ended my football career and squashed my dreams to play in the NFL.
Let me stop right there.

Getting derailed stinks. When you work hard for something, and you come up short, it hurts. You can feel lost, empty, frustrated, and even angry.

For a few years, I felt all of that during my recovery from my 3-herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and degenerative back disease diagnosis.

Ultimately, my back injury became my greatest blessing. It allowed me to go down a 5-year journey to heal my back-pain and learn from the greatest teachers, doctors, physical therapists, strength coaches, and healing gurus on the planet.

I didn’t understand it then.

But looking back, my back injury and biggest burdens became my biggest blessing.

For the past 21-years as a trainer, coach, life-transformer, I’ve been able to pour into people from all walks of life.
Young and old.
Athletes and non-athletes.
People in pain and people who are healthy.

Sometimes when you are in the middle of the storm, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hard to understand that perhaps there is a blessing buried in the middle of the burden.

My friends, whatever state of mind or life you are in today, I challenge you to…
Keep learning.
Keep growing.
Keep seeking understanding.
Keep seeking purpose.
Keep seeking healing.
Keep seeking faith.

If you missed the church service, click here to catch the replay!

Until then, keep being an OVERCOMER!

Are you an Instrument of Peace?

Well, today, you are about to meet one.

Meet my friend Jill Rooks. Jill is the owner of The Energy Lab (Redlands, CA), and she is someone I have deemed the “Soul Optimist.”

Jill is a Mom. A wife. An Entrepreneur. And a true life-transformer. She’s also one of the deepest souls I know.

Jill lives a life that spreads kindness, wisdom, and light in a world that so desperately needs it today. In this episode, you will hear she is full of great heart and soul and that she is a beacon of positive energy and light, creating massive IMPACT in her community and the world.

Listen to the “Instrument of Peace” episode of the TD IMPACT Show now…

Create a great week. Keep fighting. Keep overcoming. And keep being an Instrument of Peace!

Much love and lots of PEACE!


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