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Wakey wakey. It’s LAAAABBBOR Day….and I LOVE Labor Day!

While you may be taking some time “off” today to relax and enjoy the holiday, I have a special LAABBOOORRRR Day podcast episode for you from the football field.

It’s a brand-new, just-recorded “throwback” message that transcends time.

It was inspired by my legendary high school football coach, Warren Wolf, back in Brick, NJ, circa 1988. And it’s one of my all-time favorite messages. Listen in now…

Enjoy today’s short but sweet podcast.

If you would like to listen to the LABOR DAY episode on Itunes, Spotify, or anywhere podcasts are found, you can do so here….

Create a great LABOR Day. And don’t forget…do some LAAAABBBOR today!!!


P.S. #1. Special LAAABBBOOORRR Day Blowout Sale Today!!!

Take advantage of this huge BLOWOUT sale we are having TODAY thru Thursday (September 10th). Nearly 50% off ALL apparel (IMPACT, MindRight Maniac, Live A Life Worth Telling a Story About…even GREY HOODIES!!!!

FREE SHIPPING if over $100 (U.S. only) and you get a ton of savings to load up for this Fall.

P.S. #2. Speaking of LABOR, would you like to workout together LIVE this Wednesday (Sept 9th)?

I’m doing a special “GET YOUR MIND & MEPS RIGHT” workout challenge this Wednesday on MyZone’s FB & IG. I would love for YOU to join me. All you have to do is show-up from the comforts of your home, studio, or gym. Here are the details:

What: Todd Durkin & MyZone Workout
When: Wednesday, September 9th.
TIME: 7:30 am PST/10:30 am EST
Where: LIVE on and

Equipment: Nothing Required but Bodyweight (Kettlebells & DB’s a plus; TRX a bonus); I want to emphasize you don’t need anything but YOU to show up!!

P.S. #3. You want to work out TODAY (Monday) and you LIVE in San Diego?

If you are local to San Diego and you want to get some extra LAABBBOOORRR in with urs truly, I’m teaching a vintage, throw-back LAABBOOORRR DAY Boot Camp this morning at 9 am at Fitness Quest 10.

Show up and be ready to rock & roll…and be ready to LAABBBOOOORR, LAABBBOOOOORR, LAABBBOOOOORR!!!! 🙂

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