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It’s TIME for a LIVE Event! [Announcing 1st LIVE Event to the public]

I’ve been toying with the idea for months.

I’ve listened to your feedback.

I’ve heard you loud & clear.

Many people are feeling tired & uninspired, feeling empty or exhausted. A bit lackluster. Missing the “juice.”

Well, I’m doing it.

I’m opening up 20-spots for a 2-day LIVE “MAX-IMPACT” event in July for anyone looking to get a significant jolt of energy, inspiration, clarity, motivation, and LIFE breathed into them.


  • Workout together. We will train TOGETHER each morning of the event. Gotta get the body & mind right!
  • Pray together. I will lead a devotional/chapel each morning to AMP UP FAITH.
  • Break bread together. This includes a social at my house one night. Great networking & connecting opportunity.
  • GO DEEP. I will COACH my tail off for 8-hours each day.
  • Have FUN. We will laugh, smile, sweat, think, dream, and LIVE again!

WHO is this for:

  • Any Dad or Mom who needs to refocus on deeper purpose, re-storing big dreams, re-aligning priorities and need some deep-seated passion infused into them. You are tired of “giving” for the past 15-months and you’re running on fumes or empty.
  • NON-fitness pros, as well as fit-pros. While I have a great following of fitness pros (thank you, trainers!), there are many success-driven, passionate, purpose-driven souls who desire more out of life tuning in as well these days.

    We will have many different industries represented thanks to the podcast and the countless keynotes to industries outside the fitness industry (financial services, attorneys, first-responders, education, church/ministry, entrepreneurs, etc.).

    Your occupation/career is not a prerequisite to join us for the retreat. Your desire to grow, get better, and get clarity on NEXT STEPS is…
  • Anyone looking for MORE out of life. One is NOT defined by what they do. I will GO DEEP on how we make the most out of the gifts we have and how we can scale our IMPACT, regardless of your career/profession.
  • Age is non-discriminatory. Whether you are 27 and searching for a deeper calling post-pandemic or you are 55 and feeling empty, lost, and missing “zip”, this Retreat WILL re-ignite the “juice” inside of you. To me, age is not important. We are all on this journey trying to GO DEEPER & GET BETTER so that we can IMPACT more people.

Interested in attending LIVE?

If so, send me an email to with the subject line “TD, I want IN on the Max-IMPACT Event” and I will send you all the details on the weekend. That’s it!

There will be NO FLUFF. No fancy sales pages. I will keep the price point LOW so that I don’t exclude someone who really wants/needs to be in the room. It WILL be special.

Just let me know you are interested and I will personally email you back all the details.

The firsts 20 people to commit are in. Period.

Thanks so much. I can’t wait to help you GO DEEP and spend some great TIME together.

Much love… and lots of IMPACT!


P.S. “Can I bring a friend/spouse/teammate/co-worker?”

Yes, of course, you can. If you would like to share the experience with a friend, teammate, or loved one, this will be a great opportunity to spend quality time away working on the body, mind, spirit, and….LIFE!!!

Again, send me an email to with the subject line “TD, I want IN on the Max-IMPACT Event,” and I’ll get you all the details ASAP.

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