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Jeff Bristol…Overcoming Addiction & Rising to the Top

I hope you guys have all had your morning workout, coffee, or energy drink because we are going deep today with my man Jeff Bristol, General Manager of Fitness Quest 10. If you are outside of the Fitness Quest 10 community you may not know Jeff, but he has one heckuva story. He has been with me for 8-years and epitomizes what it means to live a life worth telling a story about. Although he was a star athlete growing up, he battled drug & alcohol addiction for many years and it’s a miracle he’s still alive. He’s been sober 7-years now and has grown from front-desk receptionist to trainer, to Assistant GM, to now running the show at Fitness Quest 10. 

You do NOT want to miss the wisdom & insight Jeff has to share in this episode. If you have kids, this is MANDATORY listening for them. If you know someone with an addiction, this is a MUST-LISTEN for them. If you just want to be massively inspired, then LISTEN to this episode. And when done, please SHARE it with your community as it helps spread the gospel of positivity, energy, and IMPACT!

More on the episode:

3:19 – Meet Jeff Bristol, General Manager of Fitness Quest 10 

4:07 – A Look Into His Past: Battle with Addiction
See how Jeff spent the good portion of his 20s. In and out of rehab and jail.

4:42 – Stumbling Upon Fitness Quest 10
Shift happens….

7:22 – Those Hard Years… Does He Regret Them
Underachieving in sport, putting his family through hell & back, suffering in his own health while also affecting other’s…… and why he cherishes the insight & perspective.

10:14 – You’re Where You’re At Today Because Of Your Past
See the gift– don’t regret it. 

11:16 – Jeff’s Lowest Point 
Not just a single incident, but a series of bottoms.

13:33 – What Drives You?
A second chance. “To whom much is given, much is required.”

 17:26 – The Lifeline: Getting Outside Of Yourself
In the thick of the battle, insight and perspective is near impossible… unless you find a way to get outside of yourself.  

20:32 – It’s Bigger Than You

22:48 – Jeff’s Relapse
The mind is a powerful thing. “No matter where you are, or who you surround yourself with, it is a daily battle you have to fight.”

27:04 – A  Position Of Leadership
What Jeff enjoys the most? Relationships. The people.

29:13 – How He Sets The Tone For The Team
Leading from within, not from above: understanding all aspects of the gym.

31:24 – Toughest Part Of Leadership
You can’t make everyone happy.

34:37 – A Team’s Contribution To The Business
Jack Welsh on Winning: 70% are in the middle, 20% are thriving, & 10% are at the bottom. Where are you at?

36:35 – Nothing Is Ever Perfect
The amount of time Jeff actually spends on operations around the gym…

39:39 – The Danger Zone
Why reaching “success” means MORE WORK. Never done.

41:09 – Jeff’s Advice For Anyone Who Is Struggling 
Find your community. 

47:28 – Jeff’s Legacy: Family First
Give back to those who mean the most. 

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