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There is something special about the “climb” up a tough mountain. And that’s exactly what we have here these days in the business world–one heckuva mountain. Perhaps we love the climb because we know that the view from the top is going to be spectacular. Or the physicality of the climb will leave us feeling like we conquered the challenge. And that’s exactly why I have expert mountaineer & long-time veteran coach and fit-pro Jarod Cogswell in the house today.

“JC,” Coach Frank Pucher, and I discuss how you must “Keep Climbing” right now and the 3 “Must-Do’s” one must do to not only prevent you from failing in business right now but ultimately allow you to navigate the nasty “storms” that exist in today’s business & economic climate. This episode will help your leadership, culture, and mindset so that you attack the “mountain” and ultimately enjoy the view from the top.

We bring some serious heat in this episode that is guaranteed to re-ignite the passion, strength, and energy that’s necessary to “Keep Climbing.” Get listening and get Climbing!

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More on the episode:

:14 – Intro – 3 Top Tips to Grow Your Business – Meet Coach Jarod Cogswell

5:10 – Lesson #1: Level Up Your Leadership
It starts with humility.

11:31 – Lesson #2: Boost Confidence and Set the Stage

18:03 – Lesson #3: Ignite the Member & Team Experience!
Serve unconditionally, and don’t play scared.

28:52 – Join My Team! 

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About Jarod Cogswell:

Jarod Cogswell is the co-developer and Director of Sport for DEKAFIT (Spartan Race), a Platinum-Level Coach for the Todd Durkin Mastermind Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Keynote Speaker. He is also an award-winning fitness industry professional, former fitness owner/operator, and the founder of WORK like an Athlete, Inc. Jarod is extremely passionate about assisting fitness leaders to overcome business obstacles, team development, and helping create dynamic cultures. Follow him on IG at @jarod_cogswell and 

About Frank Pucher: 

Frank Pucher, a Platinum Level Coach & The Executive Director of the Todd Durkin Mastermind Program, serving 200+ fitness entrepreneurs worldwide. Frank is the former CEO of Fitness 121 Personal Training. He developed and ran that business in Roseland, NJ, for 20 years from 1998-2018. During the time Frank owned Fitness 121, it was twice named “NJ’s Best Fitness Studio.” 

In 2018, Frank published his book, Smart Money Moves: The Fitness Professional’s Guide for Earning, Growing and Protecting Your Money, which became an Amazon Best Seller.

Frank is a fitness industry veteran and was a finalist for IDEA’s Personal Trainer of the Year Award.  

Frank offers complimentary consultations for audits on your personal training or fitness business. DM Frank on IG @frankpucher to schedule a call today. 

Please visit for all details on the Mastermind program and book your complimentary consultation today!

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