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Knee Replacement–1 Year Later

It has been one year since my knee-replacement surgery. That was a very difficult time in my life. Tons of pain. Fear about surgery and the unknown. The “inconvenience” of being hurt, on crutches, and weeks off from work.

1-year later I’m pain-free. I’m physically stronger than I’ve been in a decade. My energy is at all-time highs. But it was a long process to get there. This episode shares what it was like BEFORE surgery, what it was like to have the KNEE-REPLACEMENT, and the process of going through surgery & rehab. I also share what it’s like NOW and my routine to stay PAIN-FREE & loving life. Please share this episode with anyone in pain and needs help, hope, and health.

More on the episode

3:56 – Keeping Consistent Workouts
What CAN you do when you’re hurt, sick, or injured?  

12:54 – A Setback can be a Setup For A Comeback
Having the setback made me finally make a decision to move forward on a big thing….

14:20 – Quarterback Your Own Health
Who is on your TEAM!? Surround yourself with the best!

16:47 – Own The Rehabilitation Game and Treat Yourself Like a World Class Athlete
Respect the healing process.

18:32 – The Power of Small Micro Victories
Weekly victories = attainable motivation.

19:15 – Getting The Right Tools
Reduce swelling & improve circulation (a few of my staples: GameReady, Normatec boots, Theragun, massage therapy)

21:21 – Dial In Your Nutrition
Top Anti-inflammatory foods improve your immune system and aid in recovery.

25:52 -When You Are in Pain: Tap Into Your Whispers 
Pain creates fear and anxiety, and fear and anxiety create pain…. break the cycle!

27:37 – How To Embrace The Process Of Pain
Allow your body to rest.

32:06 -What Is the Change You Have to Make in Your Life?
It might be scary, but do it!

34:03 –  Listen. What are Your Whispers Saying?
Have the courage, audacity, and boldness to listen and follow.

34:28 – Get Your Mind Right
Own your attitude 

35:59 – The Sun is Coming Out Tomorrow
No matter how low you are it’s just about getting through today till tomorrow, win the day

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