Knee Surgery Update

Thank you. Thank you for all your messages, comments, DM’s, and emails over the past few days since I had knee surgery on Tuesday. I have been inundated with love and prayers and it really has helped. Thank you!!!

I shared on Tuesday that my partial knee replacement was a long-time coming. It was 11-years in the making and I’m glad it’s over now and I’m on the OTHER side of the fence.

Today, I’ve got great news to report. The surgery went as smooth as possible and Dr. Jankiewicz and the awesome medical team at Sharp HealthCare turned in an MVP performance. It’s fair to say at this point that the surgery was a success.

Dr. Jankiewicz wearing the Grey Hoodie before surgery & Giving final instructions moments before Knee Replacement!

And yes, Dr. Jankiewicz really did wear the grey hoodie. I sent him one of my infamous “What are you doing right now” videos early Tuesday morning during my workout (before surgery) and he immediately shot me this “grey hoodie” picture right back. I had to make sure he had his mind right—and that he did!!!

Not only was Dr. J world-class but I must also take a moment to brag on Sharp Health Care, specifically the Sharp Coronado hospital team, where I had my surgery. It is recognized as one of the top orthopedic hospitals and programs in the country (Becker’s Hospital Review) and it’s also renown because Dr. Tarek Hassanein (Hepatologist) is leading the charge in cutting-edge clinical research trials designed to improve health for those with liver disease.

On top of its great reputation, my Sharp hospital stay was one of the most amazing experiences I could have had under the circumstances…

And here’s WHY…

Sharp Coronado is known as what’s called a “Planetree Hospital.” It’s only one of two hospitals in the world with this designation for ten consecutive years.

What does that mean? It means that the service is incredibly patient-centric. The environment is incredibly nurturing, compassionate, caring, and personalized. And it’s purposefully designed that way to foster improved health, healing, and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.

And WOW-o-WOW did they deliver on ALL that!

Here are just some of the things Sharp, and particularly the Payne Family Outpatient Pavilion delivered to help make my surgery and hospital stay an exceptional experience…

  • EXTRAORDINARY medical care. First and foremost, Dr. Joseph Jankiewicz, Dr. Kris Bjornson, and the entire medical team were amazing. Seriously awesome. As a matter of fact, I knew that Dr. Jankiewicz was “my” guy from the first time I showed up for a pre-op appointment in early September and he walked into the room and said, “Hi, I’m Dr. Jankiewicz, I have my mind right and my grey hoodie is ready to go.”NO JOKE!! I would have done surgery THAT day if I could have!!! ☺
  • Cutting-edge technology. The surgery on Tuesday was done with the skillful hands of Dr. Jankiewicz assisted by a Mako-plasty technology robot (I called it “Rocky the Robot”). This ensured the surgery was 99.9% accurate. I like that—marrying the precision of a highly-skilled doctor with amazing technology!!
    Progressive care & rehabilitation. They had me up and walking 5-hours after surgery. Seriously. 5-hours after undergoing the knife, I was walking 50-feet down the hallway with a walker. The nurses, physical therapists, and aides were so tuned-in to every step of my entire stay.
TD Up & Walking just hours after surgery!!
  • Integrative therapies as part of the healing process. The day after surgery (Wednesday), I received acupuncture, massage therapy, healing touch, and aromatherapy as part of my healing and recovery. Music therapy and meditation were options as well. You talk about awesome. I was blissed out (and not because of the pain meds I was on ☺)!!This brought it back full-circle. Back in 1999, I did my graduate thesis work on the Physiological and Psychological Effects of Massage Therapy on Stress & Anxiety. And I found statistical difference on how important massage was in healing. To now have complimentary medicines integrated right into post-surgery rehab & healing is like a dream come true. #Powerful
TD getting Acupuncture and Massage
  • Great food & nutrition. When you think of hospital food, you typically don’t think of good food. I must tell you that the food I ate during my stay at the hospital was delicious. It tasted great, it was high quality, the fruit was fresh, and the macro-breakdown and caloric intake was calculated to my needs. I loved that a nutritionist was involved in the “healing” process right from the start. #BOOM
TD Getting some Great Grub!!
  • Healing Environment & Interior Design Conducive to Health & Healing. Folks, when I first walked into Sharp Coronado, I thought I was at a Four Seasons resort. The pre-op wing is only about 1-month old and it’s absolutely gorgeous. There are live plants in the lobby, a waterfall, it’s surgically clean, and the aesthetics and hues are warm and friendly. I felt like I was more in my home than a hospital. And that brought me much comfort!
  • The people CARE. It’s obvious the mission and vision of the Sharp system (Mission: To be the best health system in the universe) is being executed from the top on down. Heck, the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, aides, case managers, and ancillary support system were in sync the entire time and I could feel the love, care, and compassion from the time I walked in and was greeted by their “Director of First Impressions.” #WOW

And to have Susan Stone, the CEO of Sharp Coronado, come visit me in my room post-surgery was just icing on the cake. She wanted to make sure that everything about my stay met my expectations or surpassed them. #DoubleWow #BlewAwayMyExpectations

If there was ever a time that I did NOT want to leave a hospital, this would be it. Could you actually imagine NOT wanting to leave a hospital?

But it’s TIME to go home.

To me, “Part 1” of the process is over. That was the surgery and the few days surrounding the surgery. And it could not have gone any better. And for that I am soooo grateful.

Now it’s on to “Part 2.” The rehab and physical therapy. I will be doing every single thing possible to make sure that the next 6-weeks set me up for maximum success so that I go into 2019 feeling like a new man…

TD geared up at home for recovery!!!

I will be posting a ton on my physical therapy, rehab, nutrition & supplement routine, and complete recovery routine over the next few weeks.

I invite you to follow along in my recovery as I plan to share ALL the cutting-edge techniques and modalities I’ll be using. You can do that here…

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Once again, THANK YOU so much for all your support.
It’s been a whirlwind of a week but I am so incredibly grateful. THANK YOU for all your support, love, and prayers. I felt ALL of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Create a great weekend and join me in getting some REST. I’ll see you in the La-Z-Boy! ☺

Much love…and lots of REST & Recovery!


P.S. I started surgery day on Tuesday like most others…with a workout. I got in a great sweat before “game-time.” I got in the “Redzone” on my MyZone a few times and burned off some stress & anxiety in my new “MindRight Maniac” grey hoodie!!

Getting My Mind Right on Surgery Day!!!


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