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Laugh, Cry, Think!

“You have to laugh, you have to think, and you have to cry. If you do that every single day, you’ll have something special.”—Jim Valvano

I shared in my MindRight Maniac episode #9 about the “Big Decision” I am in the midst of making regarding my knee and a potential partial knee-replacement.

That decision alone is making me “laugh, cry, and think” all at the same time.

First, thank you ALL for all your emails, Facebook love, texts, IG messages, etc. You all are the BEST!!!

While I was in Canada, I did 2 other things worth sharing with you regarding “Adversity” and what it does to us…

  1. I presented a talk called “Going for Greatness.” It was a 3-hour talk full of the best content I have to go deep professionally and personally.
  2. I had a conversation with one of my best friends and most respected coaches in the fitness industry, Peter Twist. Peter is a Stage-IV cancer survivor and is one of the most inspiring human-beings you will ever meet.

And I want to share both “Twister” with you, along with some of the highlights from my “Going for Greatness” presentation.

Additionally, I want to share some deep thoughts and introspection with you about where I’m at and why I’m “laughing, crying, and thinking” all at the same time.

Tune into today’s MindRight Maniac episode, “Overcoming Adversity” now and I believe it will help you WIN the day!!

MRM Ep 10
TD talking “Adversity can’t destroy you…it must make you!”

I truly believe that adversity is a great teacher. None of us love having adversity but the fact is that it often makes us stronger and better.

Ultimately, we can’t let adversity break us or destroy us…it must MAKE US!

And when you face adversity, yes, you are going to THINK a lot.

And when you face adversity, yes, you are going to CRY a lot.

And when you face adversity, yes, you are going to LAUGH some also. Sometimes you will just shake your head and smile and say, “OK God, I trust you, I know you have a plan for me.” And that comfort alone allows you to be confident that your BEST days are yet to come. And that allows you to flash a big ole smile!

Stay STRONG my friends.
And keep THINKING deep.
CRYING when you need to.
And SMILING and LAUGHING to feed your soul.

Enjoy the show and thanks for fighting through any adversity you may face in life.

Much love and much strength,


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