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Learning Never Stops

Are you still a student?

I’m not enrolled in higher education or cruising off to night classes after the doors at Fitness Quest 10 close, but there’s no doubt in my mind that at age 46, I’m still a student.

And I ALWAYS will be.

Regardless of age, experience, or accolades, I hope YOU feel the same.

I hope you’ve accepted and embraced the lifelong learner mentality.

I hope you haven’t lost that edge to constantly feed your brain more fuel.

And I hope you haven’t halted learning ONLY to teach.

Lifelong learners know education comes in many forms and their committed to consuming content that betters them.  

Here are 7 ways you can keep learning:

Live events: I always say nothing can replace the power of a live event. Attend at least 2 per year.

Podcasts/Audiobooks: Listen to learn while you drive, work out, etc.

Books: It may seem old school to some of you, but you gotta love the written word.

Masterminds: While I’m privy to mine, there are plenty out there to keep you learning.

Video Modules: From courses to YouTube clips, they’ll all do the trick.

Journaling: This is a form of learning about yourself, and it definitely counts!

Intensive Mentorships/Retreats: There is nothing like spending 3+ days working on YOU. Find mentors you want to study and learn from and soak in all that you can.

Whether it’s dedicating days, weeks, months, or even years to something BIG like learning a new language or simply pulling one golden nugget from regular reading, learning NEVER stops.

In an ode to education, I want to share with you a recent blog I wrote about some things I LEARNED this year.

This one is special!

It stems from a “Genius Network” event I attended to LEARN from other influencers representing all kinds of industries. And man did I learn a lot!!!

Truthfully, I was hit with so much great information I had to spend weeks compiling and condensing my notes and selecting some of my top takeaways to share publicly.

If you’ve seen this before, I assure you it’s worth a refresher (many of us learn via repetition). And if it’s brand new to you, buckle up!

Here’s some words of wisdom from people like Tony Robbins, Naveen Jain, Joe Polish, and Randi Zuckerberg for you to LEARN from right NOW.

Make sure you spend some time really sinking your teeth into that one.

I told you I’m a lifelong learner :).

Much love and many lessons,


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