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Meet Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott [MUST LISTEN]

Have you ever met someone and you immediately know they have the “it” factor? Sean McDermott is one of those guys. While Sean is the current head football coach for the Buffalo Bills and has been coaching in the NFL for over 20-years, I knew he had the “it” factor even way back when we were teammates at William & Mary.

In today’s episode of my IMPACT Show, Coach McDermott talks about…

  • His journey to become a head coach in the NFL.
  • How to create a winning culture (as the Bills were perennial losers when he took over).
  • Leadership at all levels and why having the right people on the team is essential.
  • What he personally does to keep his mind right.
  • The power of mentors.
  • Why he remains stoic on the sidelines despite being a fiery guy.
  • His thoughts on my predictions of this UPCOMING NFL season along with my Super Bowl picks. Yep!
  • “Fun facts” that Coach McDermott reveals about urs truly at the end of the show!

Without further ado, let’s “circle the wagons” and go out to the show with Buffalo Bills Head Coach, Sean McDermott.

TD Talking to Coach Sean McDermott

Peace and Love,


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