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Meet One Of My Anonymous NFL Players

Good morning. It’s been a crazy few days delivering 2 different keynotes in 2-days in Irvine, CA and San Diego. Hats off to Josh Leve and the launch of the inaugural SUCCEED conference this past weekend. They assembled a great group of presenters and attendees for a 1st show. 

And Saturday I delivered my “Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About” keynote to 600+ fire-breathing dragons from the FitBody Boot Camp franchise who are hell-bent on lighting the world up with positivity, light, and love. The energy was electric and I loved connecting with so many passionate souls. 

I want to go deep into the trenches and share a recent workout & interview I did with one of my NFL clients named Luke Rhodes. Luke is relatively anonymous because he’s a long snapper.

And the only time you will hear his name on TV is if he messes up. And after 4-years in the League, you haven’t heard his name too often. And that’s a good thing for him. 🙂 Check it out now…

You have probably heard the phrase “The nicher the richer.”

What is your niche? What is your unique skill-set that separates you from the rest?

Focus on your strengths (not just weaknesses) and go deeper on what you are already strong at. Makes your strengths stronger!

Create a great week and be sure not to focus on your weaknesses. Discover your gifts, develop a niche, and stay laser-focused on what it takes to be one of the best in your area of expertise.

Much love… and many niches,


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