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Meet One Of The Top 25 Most Influential Women In Sports Today

Kelli Masters is one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in Sports Today. She is an NFL sports agent who has represented more professional athletes than any woman in the industry, having served as an agent/contract advisor to players in every NFL draft since 2006. In 2010, she made history as the first woman to represent a first-round pick in the NFL Draft.

In this episode, I had the opportunity to dive in deep with Kelli about the reality of her job as a sports agent… and the reality of what it takes to overcome adversity, be a pioneer, and be DIFFERENT, regardless of one’s chosen industry. It just so happens that in the male-dominated, seemingly glamorous job of sports agent, Kelli has had to overcome more challenges than most. She reveals what she specifically does to represent her clients so well and how staying purpose-driven has allowed her to positively IMPACT so many young men and women today.

Listen in to my friend Kelli Masters now and see how she handles her business and makes an incredible IMPACT on the many lives she touches.

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4:46- Meet Super Sports Agent Kelli Masters
One of the most influential women in sport.

9:11- “I Just Wanted To Be Excellent.”
The real motivation behind being “one of the most influential women”…

11:14- The Perpetual Desire For Growth
As you evolve, so does your work.

12:21- Taking The Limits Off Of Your Work
It’s more.

13:05- True Fame
Committing to the process.

13:46- How Does KMM Sports Differ Than Anybody Else Out There?
A refusal to compromise. Success is doing things the right way.

15:33- The Power Of Trust

16:25- How Kelli Masters Became A Sports Agent
Where passion meets need… and need meets perseverance.

19:29- “I Know In My Heart That I’m Going To Be Great At This.”
Being ok with being different.

21:12- How the NFL Combine Mirrors Miss USA Pageant. 🙂

21:56- The Reality Of Being A Pioneer
The hardest parts of being a sports agent…

26:53- What Kelli Is Really Recruiting 

30:04- What Brings Kelli The Most Joy In Her Job?
Emotion-driven moments… the moments of meaning.

32:49- How The Industry Has Changed
The reality of social media and the effect of giving away too many resources.

39:00- The Right Way Is The Hard Way
The value of maintaining integrity.

39:39- KMM Sports

42:05- What Kelli Would Tell A Young Man Or Woman Becoming A Sports Agent

45:25- PURPOSE
The shift of being motivated by fear… to being driven by purpose.

Thank you Kelli Masters for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!
Tag her on on IG @kellimasters and Twitter @KMMsports

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