The CHAMP is here…Mike Chandler Talking Mindset!

Many of you Fitness Quest 10 fans, family, and friends know or have heard of Mike Chandler. You have probably seen him around the gym training his butt off and giving high-fives to about everyone in sight.

And if you are not in San Diego, but follow my social media or you follow MMA, then you surely know the name, Michael Chandler.

Mike is the reigning, defending Bellator MMA Lightweight Champion of the World. He has held the belt now for almost one year now.

I often talk about how it’s one thing to climb to the top…and it’s another thing to stay there.

Well, Mike Chandler lives, breathes, and embraces the “champion mindset” and this is why he IS the champ and has stayed the champ. He doesn’t stop working and he stays #HungryAndHumble.

Take a listen to the Dose today and hear Mike talk about the “CHAMPION MINDSET”

One thing I love in the video is when Mike talks about “delayed gratification.” Easier said than done. But definitely a necessary ingredient to achieving anything you want in life.

Whether it be your health and fitness. Your nutrition. Attaining your professional goals. Or achieving even your personal goals.

Delayed Gratification is definitely a necessary part of getting to where you want to go. It takes patience, time, and a ton of hard work.

I also love how Mike talks about his “favorite” exercise. Even though he doesn’t particularly “like” it, he knows how good it is for him and he does it because of the result that it will yield.

 How about you?

What do you want in business, sport, or life?

What are you willing to do in order to attain what you desire?

What are you willing to sacrifice to help you get closer to achieving your dream?

Are you willing to delay gratification to ultimately get what you want?

What are you willing to sacrifice to help you get closer to achieving your dream?

Are you willing to delay gratification to ultimately get what you want?

Watch Mike talk about the champion mindset!

My friends, life is often like a “5 round MMA fight” (or an old-school 15-round heavyweight boxing title match) that can be draining and exhausting. But you must continue to work on your dream and do all that is necessary to maximize your potential and your purpose.

It’s in you to do that because YOU are a champion! Keep fighting, keep believing, and keep enjoying the process of working on your dream.

Much love and don’t forget…KEEP THE CHAMPION MINDSET!!!


P.S. Mike Chandler’s next Championship Fight Just Announced—June 24th in Madison Square Garden!!!

Bellator just announced a few days ago Mike Chandler’s next fight will be June 24thin Madison Square Garden against Brent Primus at Bellator 180.

 Now that we know when/where Mike is fighting, the training is going to pick up even more now. BOOM. #ChampionMindset

Follow Mike’s Instagram @mikechandlermma or his YouTube channel here.

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