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Million Dollar Mentor…Wayne Cotton (Part 1)

Have you ever noticed that some people come into your life just at the right time? That’s exactly what happened to me when I was just 28-years old and had a dream to start a training business. I had a ton of passion & energy, but I knew nothing about business. Then Wayne Cotton showed up in my life. This man has taught me more about business and life than anyone I know. 22-years later, he still serves as a mentor to me. His lessons, experience, and wisdom will generate you a ton of time, energy, and money freedom. Listen in to today’s episode and I promise you that your mind will be blown. Without further ado, meet my “million dollar mentor” Wayne Cotton.

More on the episode:

1:20- My Life-Changing Moment
How I met Wayne.

3:23- Saying Yes To The Unexpected
When life sends you an invitation… show up at its door.

4:49- The Humble Beginning
Turns out changing the world can be this simple.

6:00- The Birth Of Fitness Quest 10
A story of a napkin and some Mexican food…

6:55- “Wayne I’ve Got A Dream…”
How Wayne became my mentor and fast-tracked my success.

10:05- Build Your Business Like Your Going To Build 500 More
The concept of a “process-driven” business… and why it frees you.

10:57- My Early Mistake
Personality driven vs. Process driven.

13:09- Wayne’s Advice For Entrepreneurs Who Need To Develop Their Processes 
Take a big-picture inventory… and then get out your magnifying glass. Where are your soft spots? Ask yourself: “How can I convert this problem into a…”

15:38- Prioritizing Major Projects
Defining what’s working and what’s not gives your team a clear goal to work toward.

16:29- Why You Want To Manage The Process, Not Your People
Identifying standard operating procedure frees you from having to manage people. Preserve the relationship and make FUN possible.

17:49- “Is Life A Marathon Or A Sprint?”
Why your answer to this question will change everything in your life and business.

18:56- “MY” Time
What really makes you more money…

24:30- The Reason For Ineffective Decision Making
“The longer you go without taking any breaks, the more you’re wearing yourself down.”

26:43- “If You Got A Problem…”
What Wayne read on this 3×5 card changed the trajectory of his life (and everyone else’s he’s worked with).

29:00- Distraction Is A Disease

31:05- Sometimes Knowledge Is Your Distraction Factor
Turn your education into activation.

32:22Wayne’s 3 Major Lessons

33:50- Identifying Your Best Case Scenario
Wayne’s “magical formula” to find, sift, and sort the RIGHT people into your clientele.

35:16- Color Code Your Year
Blue Sky, Red Tape, Mellow Yellow, & Green Machine Time.

36:33- Design Growth vs. Default Growth
How you benefit from stretch marks and side roads in life.

37:30- “Problems Create Beneficial Rearrangements”

38:28- Wayne’s Daughter’s Impact On His Life
The importance of the relationships we have with the people we love most. Wayne brought her story around the world. 

42:18- The Secret To Wayne’s Highest Income Ever
180 days OFF.

43:40- We Grow By Goals Or We Grow By “Gaps”
The power of identifying your gaps and filling them in through learning.

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