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Big Decision Looming

Have you ever noticed that when something “big” happens in your life, it typically is followed by something that humbles you really quick?

Or if you hit a “low,” there is something typically “big” looming right around the corner. You gotta keep the faith!

Life has its way of balancing you out and making sure you stay grounded.

Recently, I was honored at Canfitpro in Toronto, Canada, by receiving “International Presenter of the Year.” By all means, it’s a huge award and the fact that it was voted on by my peers makes it even that much sweeter.

Little did anyone know, at the same time I received the award, I had just received some really sobering news. I’ve been battling something tough the last few months…and years. And the time has come for a big decision.

This episode of MindRight Maniacs is entitled “Big Decision.” It shares the highs and lows from my recent trip and I share something as personal as I ever have.

Tune in now to see MindRight Maniac episode #9 to see what I’m facing…

Hey, life is always full of highs and lows. It makes the world go around.

I also believe that challenge and adversity often makes you stronger and better. And I’m hoping and praying this challenge makes me better.

It’s been a long time coming and I have a big decision looming.

Thanks for always being in my corner. I’m going to need you on this one…

Ever since I started my “MindRight Maniac” series, I’ve dealt with a slew of challenges and adversity. None bigger than this.

I also know that when you are doing the right thing, there are often some universal forces that conspire against you. And when the whispers are clear and say, “Stay steady my good and faithful servant and continue sharing your journey,” I know WHO and WHERE that’s coming from. And that’s all the information I need to stay focused.

I hope you enjoy the session and #GetUrMindRight!!!

Much love,


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