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Mindset of a Champion – Dose of Durkin

I just wrapped one of the busiest times of my year. June and July are crazy because I’m prepping my NFL athletes for training camp and the upcoming football season.

And I LOVE IT!!!

The guys all departed for Training Camp within the last few days and the groundwork has been laid for what should culminate in some tremendous performances this season.

What I love about the grinding, grueling hours and tons of hard work the athletes put in during the off-season is shaping and seeing the MINDSET OF A CHAMPION.

Champions have the “it” factor.
They have the drive, determination, and desire to be their BEST.
They are willing to do what other don’t to create success.

It takes a ton of hard work in the weight-room. A lot of practice on the field. It takes a ton of time to maximize recovery strategies. And to eat right. And sacrifice “wants” versus “needs.”

My friends, take a look at one of our last workouts last week with some of my NFL athletes and see if you see “it.”

“It” is that little thing that makes a big difference. And that “it” is the MINDSET OF A CHAMPION.

Train this week with the MINDSET OF A CHAMPION. Do what it takes to be your absolute best…and then some.

See you at Training Camp and then the Super Bowl…


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