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Mom in the Huddle (Season 2)

I love going to Orlando, FL for a lot of reasons.

One is to go to the theme parks with the kids when they are with me.

Another reason is to teach at the 3-day Perform Better Summit.

But the best reason I love Orlando is that that’s where my Mom lives. She’s 83-years young and doing great.

As a matter of fact, when I taught at Perform Better last week, I had MOM come break down the huddle for the 2nd consecutive year. Take a look at the ACTION now…

TD & Momma Durkin breakin’ the huddle down!!

Time is finite. We only have so much of it here on Earth. We need to make sure we maximize HOW we spend it and WHO we spend it with.

For me, it’s always special to be on the platform with other fire-breathing dragons committed to changing the world. And when I can combine that with spending time with my precious mother, it’s even better. That’s why I loved having her in the huddle with me!

Create a great week my friends. I hope this Dose got you fired up and ready for an incredible week. Go get after it! #IWILL #MomPower


Much love,


P.S. What I do to stay Healthy & Fit while Traveling!

Before my Orlando trip, one of my fans asked me to record how I workout, what I eat, and what I do to stay healthy and fit on the road. So I recorded a VLOG on ALL aspects of this and just released it. Hope you enjoy.

How to Stay Healthy & Fit While Traveling

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