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Momma Durkin, Montana, and time for SOUL-SINGING!!

I’m writing today’s TD Times from 35,000 feet somewhere between Orlando, FL, and San Diego, CA. While I’ve been on the road a ton lately, I can’t tell you how truly GRATEFUL I am to be back doing what I LOVE doing…speaking and seeing people LIVE and IN PERSON.

Can I get an “AMEN” on that? Is anyone else LOVING just getting things back to “normal” again?

If there was one thing the last 2.5-years did, it sure made me more appreciative and grateful for the many different opportunities to speak and connect LIVE again. Whether a conference, keynote, event, “1/2 Day of IMPACT,” or even just fun and adventure, I have LOVED traveling and getting back to LIFE again. LFG!!!

Here were some highlights from the last week alone that filled-up my soul on 3-different levels:

1. Seeing “Momma Durkin” in Florida

My mom is 89 years young now. There is not one single time that I talk to her on the phone that I am not grateful for her. But when I get to see her LIVE & IN PERSON and can HUG her and “press the flesh,” I just don’t want to let her go. I know that time is precious and the 2-days with Mom was such a highlight. The best part (besides breaking bread with her) was playing Rummikub with her and my sister Karen and seeing my Mom just come to life when playing.

Be on the lookout for my “Thanksgiving edition” of the podcast where “Momma D” will make a cameo appearance on the IMPACT SHOW podcast. You gotta hear this one!

2. “Max IMPACT for High-Performing Teams” in Orlando, FL

It’s one thing to deliver a keynote. It’s another thing to spend a ½ Day (4-hours) with a team or organization delivering IMPACT. It was an absolute honor to deliver my ½ day “Max IMPACT for High-Performing Teams” to 60 Fit Body Boot Camp franchisee owners and entrepreneurs.

Some of the things we covered, included:

  • Teamwork makes the dreamwork. How to maximize “teamwork” these days.
  • Attracting, Hiring, and Growing your people in a new era.
  • LEADERSHIP in a new world.
  • Energy & money—how to rid yourself of the scarcity mindset & live in abundance.
  • Stepping into your Legendary self…NOW!
  • And Then Some!!!
  • There was so much SOUL shared amongst the attendees and it was apparent that you couldn’t replicate the energy, connection, and networking in any other venue other than LIVE & IN-PERSON!!!

3. A Driving Snow Storm in Montana Last Week!!

I LOVE the mountains…and I LOVE snow. And I love, love, love when I get to breathe the rarified air in the mountains. Being a man who was born and raised in NJ but has lived the last 25-years in gorgeous San Diego, CA, I have recently found so much solitude in the mountains. It gives me time to breathe, relax, reenergize…and DREAM!

Fortunately, I’m working on a special project in beautiful Whitefish, Montana, where I’m getting the opportunity to work on a “legacy project.” While too much to explain in today’s email (I’ll save that convo for another day), I will share that I’m intimately involved in creating what will be a world-class spa, fitness, and retreat center in one of the most pristine places on the planet.

When I woke up to 6” of snow last Wednesday and seeing the snow come down for 2-straight days was like oxygen for my soul. The peace, serenity, and tranquility the snow offered in some of the most picturesque scenery literally breathed LIFE into me.

While I’m not yet offering Retreats or events in Whitefish (yet), I can promise you that the intention is set and I’m excited for the “future.”

WHY do I share these 3-trips?

All 3 things moved my SOUL in different ways.

  1. My Momma.
  2. Speaking.
  3. Nature.

WHAT is moving your SOUL these days? What’s energizing you? What’s giving you LIFE?

What’s important to you is NOT what’s on my list.
What’s important to YOU is WHAT’s on your LIST.

And that you are taking ACTION and doing things that are LIGHTING YOU UP these days.

So what is it? What’s lighting you up these days and making your soul-sing?

I’d love to know…drop me a line in the comments.

As we prepare for the holidays in the upcoming weeks, I want to be the first to remind you that you do NOT need to be a part of the rat race.

You do NOT need to be like everyone else.

Begin to plan, prepare, and take ACTION on the things that MOST feed your soul and give you ENERGY and LIFE.

Get after it!!

Much love…and hope to see you on the road soon! #SoulSinging


P.S. #1. Yes, My God-Sized Dreams Planner is coming out again in 2-Weeks!!!

So many of you have asked me if my “God-Sized Dreams Planner” is coming out again. The answer to your question is “Absolutely. And I can’t wait to reveal the new (and BETTER!) God-Sized Dreams Planner 2023!”

There are 8 “big” improvements in this year’s addition, including the following…

  1. A new “Annual Strategic Plan” that goes deeper than ever before. Last year I offered you 22 questions. This upcoming year (2023), there are 62 deep questions. These questions are MUST ANSWER questions if you want to frame-up your best 2023.
  2. The WEEKLY & DAILY scheduler/calendar is AMAZING. It’s exactly as I envisioned. Last year’s Planner daily schedule wasn’t “good enough” for me. This year, my team and I hit it out of the park with the page that you will spend the MOST time with on a daily & weekly basis. #Boom
  3. A larger monthly calendar (this is one of my favorite sections of the GSD Planner). #SnapShotViews
  4. We have TABS this year. You asked. We delivered. BOOM!
  5. Our “10-Forms of Wealth”, “3-in-30”, and “W.L.A.G.’s” foundational exercises for success & IMPACT are all in their own section, with their own tab. This allows you to better track your months and goals each month all in one area. #GreatSuggestion #Listening
  6. It is SPIRAL-BOUND!!! #GameChanger
  7. There are several other surprises in there!!!

That’s enough for now on the upcoming God-Sized Dreams Planner 2023. Just know it’s coming the day after Thanksgiving (Friday November 25th) and I’m so pumped to share it with you. Get ready to order your 2023 Planner in a few weeks and start planning for what will be an extraordinary next 12-months.

P.S. #2. A brand new product– a “Sister” Companion to my “GSD Planner 2023” is also coming out—my “IMPACT JOURNAL”!!!

For approximately 5-years, many of you asked me HOW to journal.
You have asked me WHAT I specifically journal.
You have asked me for my exact routine.

And I’ve shared some of my macro morning routines and evening routines.

But never have I shared my specific prompts and system that I personally use for my “AM Routine” and my “PM Routine”…as it relates to JOURNALING.

Until Now!!!

For the first time ever, I will be coming out with my “IMPACT JOURNAL” the day after Thankgsiving (Friday November 25th).

This journal is the EXACT routine I use in the morning…and the EXACT routine I use in the evening. And that I’ve been using for the best part of several years.

It’s extremely “simple” to follow and do. But you gotta do it!

5-minutes in the Morning.
5-minutes in the Evening.
My ask is “10-Minutes” a day.

My IMPACT JOURNAL bookends “Gratitude” first thing in the morning. And it ends with GRATITUDE as the final thing at night. And there is a whole lotta good in between to help you “Dominate your Day.”

So Why Journal at Night…and the Morning?

Truth be told, I’ve been journaling in the morning for years. But I started consistently journaling at night in the midst of the pandemic.

I needed more clarity.
I needed to “leave the long days behind” when the day was over and NOT take it to bed.
I needed to get “My mind right” and “my soul right” not only in the morning, but in the evening as well. Too much angst, worry, fear, and “busyness” was over-taking my mind. Yep. Me.
I needed to sleep better.

So I started journaling at night.

And it made a huge difference.

Therefore, my new IMPACT JOURNAL is my complete and exact journal I’ve been using now for about 2-years. In the morning. AND at night. 10-minutes a day. Game-changing. Energy-changing. LIFE-changing.

Who is the IMPACT JOURNAL for?

You’ve been looking for a journal to get more structure to your existing “journaling” practice.
You want to START a journaling practice.
You want to improve your evening routine until you go to bed.
You want to improve the quality of your sleep because you’re tossing, turning, or waking up with angst, anxiety, or a “busy” mind also (like I was).
You want to super-charge your morning routine. Coupled with prayer & meditation, this is going to SUPER-CHARGE your day.
Anyone looking to “Dominate Your Day.” When you invest 5-minutes working in your IMPACT Journal in the morning….and you invest 5-minutes in your IMPACT JOURNAL at night, you will bookend your day not only with gratitude…but you will receive more clarity, focus, energy, serenity, and peace in your day and life. Literally.
I invite you to be part of the inaugural group of users of the IMPACT JOURNAL. It’s going to change a lot of lives…and my hope is that it changes yours!

Get ready. You can order it starting November 25. And I can’t wait for what it’s going to do for your LIFE.

Stay TUNED!!!

The “IMPACT JOURNAL” & “God-Sized Dreams Planner 2023” make GREAT GIFTS for the holidays!!!

Both the “God-Sized Dreams 2023” and my “IMPACT JOURNAL” are brother & sister companion products. They do NOT overlap. They work together. They literally are your complete SYSTEM to maximize your Time, Energy, and Focus from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed…and how you structure, plan, and take action for your time 365-days a year.

Get ready…your LIFE is about to get even better and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on these 2 “IMPACTFUL” products.

BOTH are dropping for order on Friday, November 25th!!

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