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Happy holidays podcast fans. Is anyone else starting to feel the hustle and bustle picking up a few notches with Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years’ fast-approaching? The next few weeks often seem to be the busiest few weeks of the year. It’s also when our good HABITS and best practices seem to get forgotten. And our worst practices reel their ugly head. Can I get an “Amen?”

Today, I address a couple of questions in regards to habits and what we can do to dial them in right now.  We even dive into some of my best habits, worst habits, and how these habits set the stage for success and performance. From eating better to avoiding negative thoughts– check out how you can create greatness EVERY DAY through a few small changes. 

Enjoy this time of year and don’t let your HABITS deter you from looking, feeling, or being your BEST. 

More on this episode:

Question from Ali Lamb:

“Hey Todd! I love listening to your podcast and getting the positive boost to my mornings! My question has to do with mindset. I am naturally a follower just in everyday life, which is a problem when it comes to my health. I love to stay active and eat well but when I’m around friends and family who don’t feel the same, I’m sucked into eating poorly or overspending or having negative thoughts. How do I keep focused and not let other people influence me for the negative, even in circumstances that I physically cannot remove myself from them? Thanks for your impact, Todd!!”

IG: @alihadalillamb

Question from Brian Bohl; Chula Vista, CA:
“What are some of your eating habits? Good ones and not so good ones?”

2:34- We Talkin’ HABITS!

4:32- Question 1: Brian Bohl Asks About Eating Habits
Best habits… and worst. 🙂

6:10- Julie Wilcox On My Bad Habits!
Called out…

7:26- Fitness Habits
From arm-farm to stretching. 🙂

8:13- Productivity Habits
Managing energy, “focus bubbles,” and a little too much scrolling… 

10:00- What Julie Does To Protect Her Energy During This Time Of Year
Quiet time and preparation.

11:15- The Key To Winning This Time Of Year
Cement in your best practices.

11:52- Question #2- Ali Lamb Asks About Eating Poorly And Over-Spending
Addressing choices…

13:24- Ali Lamb Asks About Toxic Family & Friends
Addressing negative thoughts & negative energy.

14:55- Motivation From TD
Change your habits NOW!

15:18- Motivation From Julie
Get your soul right! 

15:37- The Takeaway
You’re gonna want to write this one down.


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