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MY FB got Hacked & ELIMINATED!!

8-Days ago, my Facebook Business/Fan Page got hacked. This Facebook page is the one that I do the majority of my posting on. I would post quotes, motivation, podcast episodes, and anything else that I think would positively IMPACT the universe.

4-Days ago, that same page was literally eliminated by the hacker. Gone. About 40,000 “followers/friends” built-up over 12-years, all organically, and some hacker has since deleted my FB Fan Page. Like gone. Pooffff! ☹️

Here is what happened?

  • Some hacker broke into my FB business page last Wednesday (August 12th).
  • The hacker demoted me from the “owner” to an “editor” on the page; hence, I no longer had control of the page.
  • On Sunday, August 16th, the hacker deleted my Business/Fan page. Gone. 

I have submitted a bunch of “tickets” to Facebook over this time requesting help, but unfortunately, they aren’t bolstered up right now with Covid-19 to handle the number of requests being made by everyone. 

Someone asked me today how I feel?

Frankly, I’m ticked-off. I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m ashamed that there would be losers in this world who spend their time hacking into people’s accounts and do bad things. Whether it be bank accounts, social media accounts, emails, etc. ALL of it isn’t good.

I keep saying, “If these hackers would actually take their ‘skills’ into doing something positive for the world, they could probably solve half the world’s problems. At the very least, we would have another Mark Zuckerburg or two or a hundred.”

Why do I share this with you:

  1. Make sure you occasionally change your username and passwords on ALL your accounts (bank, social media, emails, etc.). I recommend you do this real soon if you haven’t done it in a long-time.
  2. Make sure your passwords are not easy to figure out. You must make them random and have different characters, lower-case, upper-case, etc. Trust me, even this does NOT 100% prevent the most sophisticated hackers from getting in. But it does help. Mine was pretty good. And they still hacked in.
  3. Don’t “auto-save” your Username and Passwords on your lap-top, desk-top, or phone. This way, if someone hacks into your computer, they can get all your accounts. Ughhhh.
  4. Log-out when you are done using your social media. Absolute pain in the butt. I have never done that. I will do it now.
  5. Have a double-authentication sign-in. When you sign-in, you will receive an auto-text with a 4-digit code on your mobile phone and then plug it in. This is the surest and best way to ensure safety because if the hackers don’t have your phone, they can’t get in.

    I did not have the double-authentication turned-on. Double Ugghhhhh!!! #WillDoNowI need some help!

Lastly, if anyone knows anyone who works at Facebook, I need all the help I can get to recover the account. I know there are “Way back machines” and technology that exists that can hopefully help me get my FB back. 

If you know someone over at Facebook, please email me at and connect me with your contact. I appreciate it. 

I’m not ready to throw 12+ years of hard work and positivity away because of one bad hacker. But I am going to need some help from someone at FB to get my account back.

Much love… and let’s not let the “bad guys” win. #S.O.S.


P.S. I hope this never happens to you!!

Last week, I can’t tell you the number of HOURS I spent trying to deal with this mess. You talk about feeling absolutely worthless. I spent the better part of several days over the last 8-days trying to recoup the account, changing EVERY account I have so they couldn’t get in, etc. Not great use of time.

Don’t let this be you… Button up ALL now. Unfortunately, there are more “bad guys” in bad times, not less. It seems contrary to what it should be, but that’s why we need to keep doing what is RIGHT!!!

Please remember that if any one of you has ANY contacts at Facebook, I would really appreciate your help. Not only will I send you a “Get Your Mind Right” book for your help, but I’ll also send 100 books to Facebook so that they can gift them out to hackers so they can “GET THEIR MINDS RIGHT” too.

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