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My Thoughts on Drew Brees Retirement

NFL legend and future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Drew Brees announced his retirement this past Sunday. After 20-years in the NFL, accomplishing more accolades than could be imagined, and rewriting the record books, Drew has decided to hang up his cleats and call it a career. As someone who has been by his side for 18 of his 20-years as his trainer, a confidant, and friend, I have such an array of emotions.

On today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast, I cover:

  • How and when I met Drew and then started working with him.
  • The highs and lows over 18 years.
  • 9 lessons/insights on what makes Drew Brees special.
  • Is Drew Brees a “once-in-a-lifetime” athlete?
  • My best moments & memories of training Drew.
  • Five words I would use to describe Drew.

Folks, this is one for the ages. I think it will make you laugh, smile, think, and reminisce as I take a trip down memory lane. I also believe it will give you some insight inside the head of someone who is extremely driven to be great. In turn, I hope it inspires you to dive into your best habits, manifest your best life, and ultimately live a life worth telling a story about also.

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