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My Top 3 Fears, Playing for the Tie, & MUST-DO Exercises Right Now

Buckle up your boot-straps my friends. Are you ready to get your mind right today? I recorded this episode just 2-days ago after an epic workout to get my own mind right. As a matter of fact, I kept my smelly clothes on, my UA headband on, my MyZone belt on, and absolutely loved fielding not one, not two, not five, but NINE questions from our fire-breathing dragon friends from around the globe. YESSS!!

Today we are talking about my top movements/exercises, top fears, productivity routines, eating habits, leadership, mental toughness, not settling for the tie, and how to win the battle between the ears right now. I guarantee there is something in this episode for you, your family, and friends so please share it with them.

Buckle-up and enjoy the show. The energy was flowing and I hope what I share today is of great VALUE to help you win the day. Go get after it!

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More on the episode:

  :54 – 10-Minute EMOMS
Every Minute On The Minute. Woahhh. 

2:45 – Shout out to my book launch Team!  
Do you want in? Go to: to join today!

3:33 – IMPACT Story
Todd shares IMPACT Story from Derek Blacksher. 

5:38 – What exercises/movements do you recommend for high school athletes to do immediately after school?  
Thank you for your question Karina Stuke!

15:12 – I’m not reading as much during Covid19, what tips can you give me on how to get back into reading? 
Thank you for your question, Sara Jones. 

16:53 – What are your top 3 fears?  
“What I am today, is not where I want to be 10 years from now. I must continue to evolve and change”. Thank you for your question, Lana Saal.

21:53 – Todd do you ever grab a bag of chips and go to town on it? 
Ha Ha…Chips no way….pizza heck yes! Thank you for your question, Dawnelle Dutton.

22:53 – How do you balance helping others to be better and accomplish goals without “doing it for them” and without sacrificing your own sense of self and purpose?  
This answer goes deep. Thank you for your question Maria Meeuwisse.

25:30 – How do I get back into fitness and movement after being off for over a month?  
It’s about frequency, not intensity! Thank you for your question, Matthew Fox.

27:13 – While everything is shut down, I find myself mentally just playing for the tie and putting my goals on hold until everything reopens and gets back to “normal”. What should I do?
Thank you for your question, Josh Muecke.

32:41 – Declare today that you are going to Take Action.

33:25 – What is the one food you can’t live without?  
Thank you for your question, Gretchen Schupbach.

33:60 – How can I prepare myself to wear a mask in public? I have a panic attack and feel I can’t breathe…  
Todd shares great advice! Thank you for your question Lori Erlenbach.

THANK YOU Karina Stuke, Sara Jones, Lana Saal, Dawnelle Dutton, Maria Meeuwisse, Matthew Fox, Josh Muecke, Gretchen Schupbach, and Lori Erlenbach for sending in all of these amazing questions. We LOVE answering your questions on the IMPACT Show & would love to highlight you also.

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