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My Top Predictions for 2021

2021 is here and we’re all hoping this new year is going to be better than last year. While I believe the next few months will continue to be challenging in many ways, I have several predictions on what the year will look like and some trends that I believe will help you get excited, energized, and enthusiastic about creating a remarkable year. 

In today’s episode, I will share:

  • The four things everyone needs.
  • What’s driving these trends & predictions.
  • Who might be in the most trouble in 2021.
  • My 12 predictions for 2021.
  • How to thrive in 2021 and make it a remarkable year.

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More on the episode:

2:00 – Vision of 2021
Envision the life you want in 2021

3:56 – Q4 Where do you want to be?
Everyone NEEDS 4 things:

  1. Something to do…
  2. Someone to LOVE…
  3. Something to BELIEVE in…
  4. Something to HOPE for…

8:50 – 1. Online Content Creation/Virtual Fitness
To stay competitive, it’s one thing that many studios/gyms will want to Offer.

12:11 – 2. Brick & Mortars Will RISE Again
High-Touch/High-Service. Focus on “health & well-being.” Niche it!

16:43 – 3. 1-1 Training.
People don’t want “big” groups. They want small. They want to talk. They want to connect. They want high touch.

17:00 – 4. YOUTH Fitness & Sports Conditioning

17:32 – 5. OUTDOOR Training.
BootCamps, Yoga, Adventure classes, Fitness classes

18:41 – 6. Life-Coaching Will Become HUGE.
People are in “search” mode. Not just training, but addressing the WHOLE person. Training. Nutrition. Business. Personal Growth & Development

 20:53 – 7. RECOVERY. 
Must infuse RECOVERY as part of the offerings. Breathwork. Meditation. Yoga. F.S.T. Massage Therapy. Infrared Saunas.

Will continue to grow in demand & will be partnering with gyms/studios to provide expanded services. Naturopathic medicine. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Medically-based fitness models.

25:09 –  9. Overall WELLNESS Will Grow.
Including continuing trends for healthy eating & nutrition. This includes an emphasis on plant-based nutrition & organic food In general.

 27:00 – 10. Podcasting will continue to GROW.
IMPACT Show will explode and become a worldwide phenomenon with millions listening in

29:32 –  11. Social Media Will Continue to Dominate Distractions…and provide opportunities.
Facebook. Instagram. Tic-Toc. Snapchat. YouTube. Twitter. Clubhouse….the new kid.

31:40 –  12. LIVE events will resurface but not until Q3 at the earliest. 
They will start as high-touch 10-20 person events with intense personalization.

34:13 – CLOSE:
Not a bunch of resolutions…set strong intentions. Simplify LIFE. Say “NO” to more things. Purge your closets of stuff you don’t need. You don’t “NEED” more. You want to “BE” more… Dial in your habits… Stay physically STRONG…stay in the habit of movement. Pray more. Control the controllables. Always focus on the people & relationships in your life.

Be a trendsetter. What are your dreams & visions?

As you look at the landscape of 2021, realize that we have a blank canvas. Visualize, Meditate, Pray, and Manifest what you desire.

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