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My top secret to success in business

One of my mentors in life and business is Wayne Cotton. Wayne has taught me many valuable lessons in our 15-year friendship. One of the most important is how to organize and plan my time to create maximum results for time freedom and money freedom.

Many years ago, Wayne taught me to color-code my calendar for the year to produce BIG results. It took discipline and commitment initially to go through the process. But now, I can’t imagine anyone not using this most effective time-management method.

In a nutshell, there are 4 colors on the calendar:

  • Green (Green-Machine): money-making time
  • Yellow (Mellow-Yellow): time off and vacation time to recharge the batteries
  • Red (Red-Tape): organizational time
  • Blue (Blue-Sky): working “ON” your business and not “IN” in your business

Every color is VERY important. But the one that has most influenced my success is “Blue-Sky” time.

What is Blue-Sky Time?

  • Time for dreaming and setting BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals)
  • Time for strategizing
  • Time for planning HOW to create more green-machine time
  • Time for planning HOW to get more time-freedom.

Blue-Sky time is focused, guided, and deliberate. It is time for processing that allows you to write down and commit to your PLAN for success.

I encourage you to create more time and space to work “ON” your business and not always “IN” your business. This is a game-changer.

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Peace and health,

Todd Durkin

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