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Navigating The College Recruiting Process With Confidence Part II

Here’s the link to Part I which highlighted two critical questions to ask yourself as a student-athlete:

1. What type of college experience am I looking for?

2. What are your key college decision factors?

In Part II you will steps to realistically evaluate yourself as a student-athlete.

Attention student-athletes:

Have you ever asked yourself: What level of athletics is right for me?

Attention parents:

Have you ever wondered what level of athletics would be the right fit for your son or daughter?

Here are some simple ACTION STEPS you can take to get a realistic idea of what level of athletics and academics is appropriate for you or your student-athlete.

3. Student-athlete evaluation:

A. Talk to your coaches: As student-athletes, you need to talk to your high school and/or club team coach to express a desire to play college sports and ask them for an HONEST evaluation of your potential to play at the college level. Also ask what areas need improvement to reach your full potential on and off the field.

B. Talk to your academic counselor: Ask them for an HONEST evaluation of your academic standing and make sure you are academically qualified for college.  To do this, go over the academic guidelines that different colleges are looking for including GPA, SAT, and ACT scores.

C. Get tested / evaluated: Attend a combine, camp, showcase, or training facility where you will be objectively tested.  This is the only way you can compare your athletic ability and skill level with other athletes.

D. Get a highlight video: College coaches don’t have the time or budget to travel to many games and evaluate athletes in person.  If you provide college coaches a 3 – 5 minute highlight video and a resume with all of your athletic and academic information, they can evaluate you much more efficiently.  We recommend getting your video and resume online so you can easily email coaches.

Click to below to view SportsForce profile and highlight video examples:

* Football, Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Field Hockey

E. Evaluate & research college athletes / teams: Watch college athletes and teams compete in person, on TV, and over the Internet.  See first hand what the caliber of play is at the DI, D2, D3, NAIA, and junior college level.  Visit college sports websites to see the biographies of the athletes and their high school sports statistics, awards, and achievements (ex. High School statistics, height, weight, All-State, All-League, All-County).

F. Evaluate and compare yourself to other athletes: Try to realistically evaluate and compare yourself to other student-athletes who are both older than you or your same grade level.  Ask yourself, “Am I as good as they are right now athletically and academically?”  If not, do I have the same potential to reach their ability?

GOAL = Get clear on where you are and what you should focus on to reach your college sports goals

Reference our SportsForce College Recruiting Guide to learn more.

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