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New Levels… Different Devils!

Your words are extremely powerful.

And sometimes you don’t know WHO or WHEN someone is going to hear what you have to say and HOW it is going to IMPACT them.

I recently was reminded of this in a very BIG way…and it left me speechless.

Let me share a story with you.

On October 11, 2012, I was hosting one of my 3.5 Day Mentorships I had been doing for trainers and fitness pros in San Diego, CA, at my gym, Fitness Quest 10.

There were about 50-people in attendance, and one of the gals was named Jenny Schatzle. I remember Jenny vividly because she was full of energy, extremely positive, and inquisitive about business, life, and success.

At the Mentorship, one of the things I said to the group deeply impacted Jenny…

“To be a leader, you must be the example.”

I went on to say that to be a leader in the fitness & training industry, you must be living a life congruent with what you are teaching and preaching. And that means what you are eating, drinking, how you are training, and how you are living… ALL matters.

I didn’t know until very recently that these words on October 11, 2012, challenged Jenny to look at her life and ultimately confront her hidden devils.

On that day and date (10-11-12), Jenny Schatzle admitted she was an alcoholic and had a problem she needed help with.

Yes, she was a great trainer.
Yes, she was an uber-enthusiastic group exercise instructor with a good following.
Yes, she was hungry for success.

But she had a lot of devils. A lot of challenges and obstacles. And she was addicted to alcohol.

Since admitting she had a problem on that day and getting help for her addiction, she has had a meteoric rise in her success as a female entrepreneur.

Heck, that was over 9-years ago!

Jenny now has an incredible social media following (@jennyschatzle) of young girls and women struggling with body issues, food issues or addictions, and self-worth and confidence issues.

And her Jenny Schatzle Program and Bond Fitness in Santa Barbara, CA, are incredibly successful.

Folks, in one of the most riveting conversations I’ve had in a very long time, I’m so honored and proud to have Jenny Schatzle on the IMPACT SHOW podcast today…

This is a MUST-LISTEN to and MUST-SHARE episode for all men & women, regardless of age.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • How Jenny hit rock-bottom 4x and how she ultimately got up.
  • How she overcame her “Daddy issues” and what she does now as a Mom to model good parenting.
  • New levels – different devils.
  • The top lessons she’s learned on her path, including her routine now, to not feel overwhelmed.
  • Jenny’s goal to “impact” 1-million women in her lifetime.

My friends, I SOOO enjoy bringing you these podcasts episodes, and I know this one will positively IMPACT YOUR life or someone you are close with.

Regardless, I do know this:

YOUR WORDS matter, and they can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in someone’s life, even if it 9-years later when you hear the story!

Enjoy today’s SHOW!


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