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New Series ‘CHASING GREATNESS’ with Denver Broncos Quarterback Brett Rypien

The pursuit of perpetual excellence takes time. Many times it takes longer than you want. Today, we are joined by 4th-year NFL quarterback Brett Rypien as you get a look under the helmet and hear what makes him tick, where his drive comes from, and why he maniacally focuses on his habits as a pro athlete.

Specifically, Brett shares this on today’s IMPACT SHOW episode:

  • How and why he mentally struggled last year and what he did to get through that difficult period.
  • Why it can be “lonely” as a pro athlete who is on this pursuit to being the best you can be.
  • What QB Russell Wilson’s acquisition to the teams means for him.
  • His top habits to set himself up for success on & off the field.
  • As a record-setting QB in high school and college, the biggest difference he finds between the college game and the pro game.
  • Wisdom to the younger generation of athletes who yearn to someday play in college and possibly make it to the pros. 
  • How his recent marriage to his college sweetheart has only deepened his purpose.

This episode is chock-full of wisdom and experience. Please be sure to share it. You can do so on your social media, email, or text it to your teammates or athletes. Please tag Brett and me at…

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Noteworthy Quotes from this Episode:

“What separates good from great mentally is when your desire to be great exceeds the desire to not fail.” ~ Brett Rypien

Greatness is chasing failure.” ~ Brett Rypien  

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