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NJ, Fist Pumps, Travel, and Meet a WNBA Superstar!

I just got home from the Motherland. New Jersey! Ahh, it always feels great to go “home” and spend time in a state where I spent some of the most formative years of my life. While I didn’t get down to the Jersey Shore (fist pumps, please!), I definitely felt the “Jersey love.”

I was in NJ to kick off the 2023 “Speakers Tour” for Perform Better. Let me tell you what, there is nothing more inspiring than being in a room of 100-200 fire-breathing dragons going deep on business, life, and what it takes to be a LIFE-TRANSFORMER.

The best part of it all…being in a Huddle again and seeing the smiles; seeing the sweaty & smiling faces; feeling the ENERGIA of passion & purpose being renewed, and just CONNECTING with people who I know want to change the world. It certainly makes my soul sing!

If you are a fitness pro, I hope to see you at a LIVE event this year.
If you are not a fit-pro, I still hope to see you at a LIVE event sometime this year.

Nothing like the power of a LIVE event!!!

Speaking of Legendary & Inspiring…
Please MEET WNBA-Star Monique Billings Today!!

I want to introduce you to someone very special today. This woman is a must “MEET” and “LISTEN TO” person.

She’s a guest on my podcast, and she is doing absolutely incredible things.

Monique Billings is a thriving WNBA & international pro-basketball star, sportscaster, social media influencer, global keynote speaker, and author. She is an incredible woman who highly values faith, family, friends and living life to the fullest. And she has one heckuva story!


Meet Monique Billings—a WNBA Star, Renaissance Woman, & Queen of Self-Care | Ep. 285

On today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast, we go all the way to Istanbul, Turkey (en route to Athens, Greece) to meet this amazing woman. Seriously.

Here is what we discuss…

  • Her insights and perspective on how she balances keeping herself in peak shape for a pro basketball career while also doing so much entrepreneurially and philanthropically off the court.
  • What it’s like being a star player for the Atlanta Dream AND playing overseas at the same time.
  • Monique’s top lessons from her late father, who also served as her trainer, strength & conditioning coach, and main mentor. WOW o WOW on this one!
  • Why personal care is so important, regardless of occupation and some tips on how to UP your personal care.
  • Monique’s best habits and personal routine to “do it all” and still live a balanced life that’s not defined by “just as an athlete.”
  • Advice Monique would tell her younger self and wisdom she would give young women/girls today.
  • What inspired Monique to write her book “Finding Balance…A Playbook for Wellness” and why she really wrote it.
  • What’s next for Monique Billings…

My friends, you will feel some SOUL in this conversation today. Trust me.

I know I left the conversation not only a big fan of the “Dream” and what Monique is doing as an athlete, but I also left the convo feeling empowered and inspired…and a huge Monique Billings “fan” as a whole person.

Keep your eyes out for her, get her book, and watch what this woman does to make a BIG IMPACT in the years to come.

Thank you as always. If you enjoy today’s SHOW, please share it on your social media by simply taking a photo of the episode and sharing on your IG stories. Please tag us (Monique on IG is @monique.billings) so we can reciprocate your love.

Enjoy the SHOW.

Much love and a lot of fist-pumps, huddles, hoops, and IMPACT!



1. The next Perform Better 1-day that I’ll be presenting at is Perform Better-Los Angeles (Sat Feb. 18th).

Here is the link if you would like to spend the day with me and a 150 or so other fire-breathing dragons in sunny Southern CA in February!

2. Not too late to BE IN THE GAME

Join my “TD Mastermind for Fit-Pros” today.

Whether you choose to “Get in the Game” or “Dominate the Game,” you at least gotta BE IN THE GAME!!!

Sign-up Today for the Todd Durkin Mastermind, and time to get some “Juice” on a regular basis!

3. JOIN me in Jack LaLanne’s house for a special webinar – Jan 26th (SAVE THE DATE!)

Seriously, I’m going to Jack LaLanne’s house to workout in his vintage home gym and interview Elaine LaLanne for the podcast. Can. Not. Wait.

I’m also going to do a special program/webinar for fit-pros up there that you will not want to miss. Heck, even just to see INSIDE his home/home-gym is going to be worth the price of admission. Oh shoot, it’s free. Forgot about that.

Title: “Masterminding for MAX Success in 2023!”
Date/Logistics: January 26th, 2023
Time: 1 pm PST/4 pm EST
Cost: FREE

SIGN-UP for FREE today, and I’ll see you on the webinar

P.S. For “Non-Fit-Pros”

I love you all. Keep crushing your goals for 2023. Keep working!!

I always love hearing from you. So feel free to drop me an email back with:

How I best can serve you in 2023…

A burning question/topic you would like me to address on the podcast in the next few months (I LOVE getting your questions and we are about due for a Q&A episode).

Thanks for being you.
Thanks for listening to the podcast.
Thanks for reading the emails.
Thanks for showing up every day and fighting the good fight. It’s never easy but we gotta continue to battle, get the MIND RIGHT, and focus on wining the day.
Thank YOU for letting me in on your journey.

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