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No Travel Necessary

No Travel Necessary
By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

Back in 2010, when my book The IMPACT! Body Plan came out, thousands of people read it.  And after they read it and completed the 10-week program, many repeated the program several times. I know of hundreds of folks who have repeated “IMPACT” five or six times and are still going strong. This is all good.

Since the book’s release, one of the biggest challenges has been that many of my readers didn’t want to bring the book to the gym. They asked if it was possible for me to make videos of the workouts. Kind of a “live” IMPACT Body Plan. I loved this request and I loved the idea of “live” streaming IMPACT.

So I asked myself, “How can I offer ongoing ‘IMPACT’ style workouts, keep them fresh and exciting, and have them stream LIVE in the comfort of someone’s home, regardless of where they live around the world?”

My natural inclination was to create an IMPACT app. You saw this coming, right? WRONG! Because about this time, I really started to DREAM.

You see, I believe in the saying: Innovate or die. Yes, I wanted to meet the request of my readers. Yes, I wanted to deliver a quality product that would allow folks to have access to the entire IMPACT program from their iPad or hand-held device. Yes, I wanted to motivate people, no matter what their fitness level. And, yes, I wanted to create a means to hold people accountable for their fitness – no matter how far away they were.

But, the truth was, I wanted more than a simple video app. What I wanted was way bigger than a “live” book. I wanted to deliver a world of fitness. I wanted to create IMPACT.

For more than thirteen years, I have had the privilege and honor to work with some of the best and brightest in the fitness field…strength training, yoga, Pilates, cardio, TRX, dance, stretching, foam rolling, and meditation. Real pros with outstanding credentials, amazing dedication, and off-the-wall energy. So when my clients would travel and ask for a “great workout” in another city, I loved sending them to see my trainer friends in other cities. Kinda like a workout matchmaker (Did I really just say that?).

What you’ve heard me say a million times is this: I have an incredible job. I have taught, coached, mentored, trained, and partnered with some of the most amazing members of our global fitness community. I feel blessed to be a part of this group, and what I wanted more than anything was to find a way to introduce ALL these amazing people I am lucky enough to know… to YOU. No travel necessary.

So when I started dreaming, I dreamt of building a fitness platform that would deliver my entire fitness world right into your living room. A platform that would allow me to share with you this incredible community of professionals I love and admire. Kaboom! On March 1st, FITBLOK was born.

With FITBLOK, my fitness world is yours – wherever you live. Right now, there are over 60 trainers offering content (including yours truly). Within a few months, we will grow beyond my network to include hundreds or thousands of trainers offering great sessions. With FITBLOK, you get to choose WHO you want to train with… HOW you want to train… WHEN you want to train… and WHERE you want to train.

For the first-time ever, you have the opportunity to work out with dozens of top-notch trainers anywhere you are in the world via live streaming scheduled sessions. Convenient. Affordable. Totally amazing!

I often say to my athletes, “Get 1% Better Everyday.” FITBLOK now truly offers you that opportunity 24/7/365. In your living room, home gym, hotel room, poolside… you name it.

Now that is IMPACT!

Right now, FITBLOK version 1.0 is for iPad. Within a few months, FITBLOK will be available on hand-held devices, laptops and desktops. And, as with all innovations, there will be iterations, updates, and improvements based on your feedback. We have an entire team of people on customer service and support alone.

For now, I just want to say how excited I am to welcome you to my world. Finally, I get to share with you this amazing community of trainers I have had the pleasure to work with for more than a decade. Isn’t technology great?

So, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to write to me, to tell me your needs and to ask for more. You make me want to dream big. To innovate. To IMPACT.

Much love,


For more information on FITBLOK:

Head over to or you can just go to the app store on your iPad and download FITBLOK for FREE.

Additionally, check out the Facebook LIKE page for FITBLOK and be sure to go over there and LIKE our page.

Lastly, I have a FREE bodyweight BOOT CAMP workout coming up in just a couple days (March 12th).  It’s a 30 minute calorie-crushing workout followed by a 15 minute stretch & meditation.  Now is a great time to experience FITBLOK and get in an awesome workout from the comforts of your own home for FREE.  See you over there on Tuesday at the scheduled times.  You have a total of 3 opportunities to experience this workout for FREE before having to pay a whopping $0.99.

TD’s Boot Camp workout (3 FREE Boot  Camps)
Tuesday March 12th         6:30 am PST (9:30 am EST)
Tuesday March 12th         3:30 pm PST (6:30 pm EST)
Wednesday March 13th     6:30 am EST

To see all the daily classes offered on FITBLOK, head over there on your IPAD and download the FITBLOK app.

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