Nutrition, Recovery, and Mindset to Expedite Healing

As you know, I just had a partial knee replacement of my left knee 5-days ago. One of the crucial things to a healthy & speedy recovery is the right recovery routine for the next 90+ days. I’m going ALL-OUT to make sure I have a “Repeat Recovery” of when I got my right-knee done 2-years ago.

In this episode, I’m going to share what I’m doing in several facets of my recovery to maximize healing & optimize my health. It includes:

  • Immediate Recovery. This includes what modalities I’m using, including one game-changer that has been a life-saver to me.
  • Nutrition. What I’m eating, why I’m eating it, what I’m NOT eating, and how nutrition helps healing.
  • Supplements. I have spared no expense when it comes to supplements for healing & recovery. I share my ENTIRE supplement routine, along with what these supplements do to expedite recovery.
  • Mindset & Recovery. I share my “LaZy-Boy” routine of journaling, strategizing, and how I’m “tapping into the whispers” to help recovery.
  • Soft-tissue work & physical therapy. It’s here I share the plan over the next 6+ weeks for massage, FST, soft-tissue work, physical therapy, and other modalities that I will be using to maximize recovery.
  • What else? Some other things I’m doing to maximize healing & recovery, including the power of prayer.

Nobody likes surgery. Me either. But thank God when you need it we have great surgeons, doctors, nurses, and health-care practitioners to assist us with returning to optimal health. I hope today’s episode helps you, or someone you know (whether they are having surgery or not), maximize healing & recovery after surgery or a significant injury.

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More on the episode:

1:36 – Game-Changing recovery tips:

  • Rented a LaZy-Boy chair for two months
  • GameReady Machine
  • Theragun
  • Movement – get the quad squats in!

8:00 – Diving in Deep…Todd shares his supplement routine with expert guest Adam Cobb –

  • The secret sauce…Metagenics UltralnflamX Plus 360 – reduces inflammation from the inside out.
  • Inflavonoid Intensive Care – Supports immune response and inflammation.
  • SPM Active – responds to damaged tissue
  • Ultra Potent-C 1000 – High-grade vitamin C
  • PureGreens – 8 Days a Week – Cleanse, detoxify, rejuvenate
  • Immune Support – 8 Days a Week – Fatigue Fighter
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • BUBS MCT Oil Powder –
  • BUBS Collagen Protein –

31:07 – Nutrition Talk from TD’s Kitchen

  • The Meal Prep Co – Jimmy Branham,  www.themealprepco @themealprepco
  • Nutritionist Robert Yang – PFF, Protein, Fats, and Fiber.  Check out episode #44  NUTRITION – Guts, Hormones, Gluten..& Coffee

36:44 – Daily Routine from the LaZy-Boy with Jersey Dog!

  • Journal
  • Bible – the power of prayer
  • The Focused Life Devotional – Author Dr. David Jeremiah
  • 126 Days, 11 Minutes Our Love Story – Author Larry Indiviglia 
  • QuaranteTEEN – 9 Teenagers  Share Their Experiences of a Worldwide Pandemic – Co-author Brady Durkin

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More on Adam Cobb:

The concept is simple, yet impactful: Move Well, Eat Well, Think Well 2 Find Your Center. Using this methodology, Adam focuses on providing his clients with a whole new awareness about the importance of alignment around their fitness, nutrition, and spirituality. This allows for major, life altering transformations that provides his clients the path to follow toward being healthy and happy.

Adam is also the founder of CAC’s high-end supplement line that includes the signature Pure Program–a program designed to cleanse the body while increasing focus on movement and spirituality.

With clients ranging demographically from Australia to New York City, including Olympic athletes, NBA players, head pastors of global churches, CEO’s, and A-list celebrities, Adam continues to be recognized as one of the top coaches in the world.

Adam attended Westfield University, Bond University of Australia, and is an alum of Duke University Integrative Medicine Program. He also is an NLP practitioner and a certified nutritional consultant. Coach Cobb currently lives in Brooklyn, New York–which is also the headquarters of CAC.

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