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Perform This Week

If you are like me, you have been tuned in to the Olympics to catch a lot of the great ACTION.  Not quite watching the 5,000 hours that NBC is covering but I’m certainly catching a lot of the highlights.

Last week, the WOW was COMPETE.  And at this time last week, we were a few days into the Olympics and there were a couple big upsets already.  As a matter of fact, there even was some uncertainty as to how some things were going to unfold with past, proven champions.  Many questions remained.

Check out what I wrote about Michael Phelps (from last week’s WOW letter) after he lost his first race of the Olympics to Ryan Lochte:

“There is a ton of COMPETING going on right now at the Olympics.  All at its highest level.  As a matter of fact, we are going to find out about guys even like Michael Phelps.  Phelps has his back turned up against a wall right now.  One of the most decorated Olympians EVER.  And people are questioning his desire and ability to COMPETE.”

Well, I think Michael Phelps answered every question about that.  He went on to win 6 medals this week (22 medals in his storied career) to become the most decorated Olympian EVER.  After a “rough” start last weekend, he dominated the events again and had the mindset of a true champion.  Simply amazing.

This week’s WOW is going to be along the same lines as COMPETE.

This week’s WOW is PERFORM.

There are several reasons why we are going with PERFORM.

  • Ø First off, the OLYMPIC ATHLETES must continue to PERFORM at the highest level.  With track & field now up, we are going to see some of the finest, and fastest athletes in the world RUN.  It is sheer beauty.

I’m not sure if any of you saw yesterday’s 10,000 meter Final but it was one of the best races I’ve ever seen.  Great Britain’s Mo Farah won Gold and his training partner Galen Rupp (US) took silver.  But there were so many side-stories in this race that were crazy.

  • Farah is a Somali refugee.
  • Farah and Rupp are training partners together in Oregon with legendary running coach Alberto Salazar.
  • The Ethiopian and Kenyan  runners had such great jockeying and strategizing going on throughout the race.  It was like a chess match.

And then there are the sprinters.  Man-o-man, can these men and women fly or what?  I love the 100M dash.  It typically is for the “Fastest Human in the World” title.

That being said, I want to give Mastermind member Chase Kough a huge shout out.  Chase owns down in Clermont, Florida, and trains many of the US sprinters.  Some of his list of people will be showered across the TV screens today & tonight:

  • Tyson Gay
  • Justin Gatlin
  • Kelly-Ann Baptiste
  • Kelly Wells

A deservingly proud moment for Chase and his P360 team.  While they are all prepped and ready to go, now it’s time for them to PERFORM.

If you do use Social Media, show some love to Chase today and tomorrow on Twitter & FB:

@ChaseKough @TysonLGay @justingatlin @kellykbaptiste @kelliewellz

  • Ø Next, the NFL Pre-Season kicks off tonight with the Hall of Fame Game.  And while most of the world could care less about “pre-season”, I actually love it.   This is where the young guys need to PERFORM and COMPETE to make the team.

Our very own Marques Clark will be out there tonight with the Saints seeing what he can do to make the squad.  He wrote me a note last night and said he still can’t BELIEVE he is out there.  I told him to start BELIEVING it because now is when magic really happens.  I left my text by saying “PERFORM.

  • Ø Lastly, next weekend is the last PERFORM BETTER conference of the  2012 year for me.  I do about 8 of their shows a year and they draw a great crowd.  900-1,200 trainers for their 3-3 day conferences and about 300+ trainers for their many 1-Day Hands-On shows.  Their last one of the year is always in Long Beach, CA, so I love to end that one with a bang.  Next Saturday, with the support of about 15 Fitness Quest 10 teammates and a smattering of Mastermind members, I plan on PERFORMING at the highest level.  I cherish EVERY opportunity on the platform when it comes to educating and inspiring fitness colleagues.  Long Beach is always a special one.

So think about what you are going to do to PERFORM this week.  How are you going to PLAY at your highest level?  How are you going to create a winning performance?

Write it down and then attack your project, your program, your event with the fervor of a 100 meter swimmer or runner.

CHALLENGE yourself and then PERFORM.

Much love.


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